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Free 2yr old dog

who's talking here?

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Watson6 --- 6 years ago -

We need to find a home for our Lab/Beagle mix. We moved to a home with a pool and no grass or yard for her to play. She has been spayed and plays very well with children. She looks like a black Lab but is the size of a Beagle. We'll include her crate, leash and dog food. 

Kayry --- 6 years ago -

Grass is very easy and inexpensive to lay down and take root to grow! Your beloved family pet only needs a few feet to do her business, then walks around the neighborhood for her exercise.


ladybeachbum --- 6 years ago -

They don't even have to have grass! My husky is very private and prefers the bushes! This poor dog will never know why you stopped loving it. I hope it finds a home that will know it is a forever commitment. 

Identity Crisis --- 6 years ago -

I think it is very selfish to buy a home and all of a sudden decide your dog is too inconvenient. Dogs provide loyalty far greater than we will ever know. How selfish of you not to accommodate your four legged family member. I hope you find a home for him, and I hope one day you will realize what a mistake you have made.
Shame on you... 

Kayry --- 6 years ago -

I agree with you all, I was trying to be nice as the OP sounds suspicious!

I mean who tries to get rid of their family pet due to lack of grass!?!?!? 

Identity Crisis --- 6 years ago -

Walk them on the green lbelts. People like this are retarded. 

Its Mygirl01 --- 6 years ago -

I truly hope you never get another dog!! How awful for this dog, 2 years of loyal good behavior and what is her reward for this good behavior, a kick to the curb! Wow! 

Identity Crisis --- 6 years ago -

I'm actually starting tofeelbad for the dog.he loves a family that can give himaway like its nothing. Maybe he should go to a more loving home. I hope you enjoy your pool while your dog has to figure out why he was given away. They have feelings...just watch YouTube videos of pets being reunited with their owners.
Okay...I going to drink some wine and try to forget I ever got emotionally involved over a dog and family I never met. 

Kayry --- 6 years ago -

This OP is trying to get a reaction....don't give him/her one! 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 6 years ago -

oh, for the love of God- this isn't a real person! he's 5 hours old! no one in their right mind would post this, especially if they were going to do it! LOL! 

random --- 6 years ago -

are you kidding? 

random --- 6 years ago -

not funny! 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 6 years ago -

it's a TROLL- 

ladybeachbum --- 6 years ago -

Well, I hope it is a troll and not someone that really has a dog that is going to kicked to the curb for a stupid swimming pool. 

Dorothy Parker --- 6 years ago - guys are harsh! 

Identity Crisis --- 6 years ago -

Okay...I fell for a trolling thread. Who is the dummy now? 😃 

Oregonian --- 6 years ago -

Dog lovers unite. Find this dog a good home....bring down your wrath on this family. May their pool be filled with dead squirels etc. 

Kayry --- 6 years ago -

Geeze, who needs to watch any reality TV when you have people like the OP who just post things to get a riot started!

Btw, why do people come on here just to start drama!?

I know I know, stupid question, hahaha so don't answer. 

FabFive --- 6 years ago -

I bet the person is a regular KU'er but doesn't want their identity revealed because of the backlash.

While this situation is sad, berating a person for a dog they don't want isn't the answer. If they don't want the ddog the dog probably isn't getting the royal treatment he/she deserves anyways. Maybe we can work together to get the dog a new home. 

* --- 6 years ago -

I am with others on this issue. Scum owners throwing out a dog like its nothing. Poor animal. I wish I never read this. 

Jpgirl --- 6 years ago -

Wasn't a troll- he/ she post on KDC classifieds 

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