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Deal: Flask Tie Only $25.30 with free shipping (reg $30)

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marthas basement --- 6 years ago -

Are you one of those dorks that walks around with a mug full of water all day? This gift is not for losers like you.

Office cubes, nerdy conferences, non-catholic religious weddings, Sunday Mass - are these all places you've been tempted to imbibe?

Does your boss have some weird hang-up about drinking at work? Don't let those buzz kills bring you down.

Get the Flask Tie. You're not getting drunk at work or're just getting awesome while at work or church.

Whether you just need a few tugs of hooch to get you through the latest lecture du jour or are more interested in kicking off an evening bender extra early, don't let what somebody else is paying you to do get in the way of mankind's greatest gift to mankind.

It's all woven microfiber business on top, and total party underneath. Choose from among 32 design patterns and rest assured the hidden TieBladder and easy-access TieBite mouthpiece will help deliver 8 shots of fire water down your gullet at whatever pace you can take it.

Tie Flask



Tampon flask $8.22 (free shipping)


Wine Rack Flask Bra $29.95


iFlask $20.49 plus free shipping


SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

Don't wear that tie and drive!! Lol 

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