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Compass bank card fraud ???

who's talking here?

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Walker Bait --- 8 years ago -

Anyone else have fraudulent purchases on their account ,looks like I am heading to the bank as soon as they open. Someone somewhere has somehow gotten my debit card #, and now there are 2 purchases made this past weekend to (I LOVE JEWELRY AUCTIONS in west palm beach) They total $320 I am seriously freaking out , never had anything like this happen. On top of that I can't afford to do someone else Christmas shopping, when I can barely afford it myself. WTH !!!!! 

Walker Bait --- 8 years ago -

I have e-mailed the co. that they used my card at , not to accept the charges and will be going to the bank as soon as they open. I tried all weekend to get a hold of someone at my bank and of course no one answered the calls.I feel like I have been raped! Wondering if they will have to change my whole account or just my debit card? I still have about 10 checks that haven't gone through and 2 debits one from the dr. I just paid Friday to take out my daughters wisdom teeth, I don't want to get a bunch of fees for stuff bouncing or being declined. Anyone who has gone through this , your advise would be greatly appreciated. 

mispissy --- 8 years ago -

If you look on one of your statements from the bank, there should be a phone number you can call to report the fraudulent use of your card. 

Walker Bait --- 8 years ago -

I tried that and no one answered, you think someone would always be in the fraud dept. 

FabFive --- 8 years ago -

I would call everyone that you've written checks to and let them know of the problems and ask if they can hold the checks until your bank resolves the issue. 

FabFive --- 8 years ago -

PS- I've always been told Wells Fargo has the best fraud protection. 

Walker Bait --- 8 years ago -

Have you been through this, how long does it take? 

ATXmom --- 8 years ago -

Went through it few years back - also at Compass. I marched myself into the branch office immediately so a real person could deal with it. The fallout lasted a while. Good luck! 

antesocial --- 8 years ago -

This recently happened to me. I don't use Compass but a credit union. The fraudulent charges were debited from our account on 8/26 and refunded on 9/4. One thing I learned through this process was that debit cards offer little to no protection when fraud is involved. This is why I rarely use my debit card for online or electronic purchases. I would recommend you find a bank with 24 hour phone service. Also, have the bank check for charges that were made over the weekend that may not have been posted to your account. Best of luck with this issue. It can be very frustrating but it will pass. 

WatchOut --- 8 years ago -

I'm not sure why you would think it is Compass Bank's fault or limited to their customers. This type thing happens all day every day every bank every where 

Eclipse --- 8 years ago -

I'm not sure why you would think it is Compass Bank's fault or limited to their customers. This type thing happens all day every day every bank every where

Perhaps I'm wrong, but I don't think the OP's issue is neccessarily with Compass Bank because this happened to them, but rather that he / she wasn't able to contact anyone at the bank, over the weekend, to report it. 

Just stuck --- 8 years ago -

Happened to my husband a few months back with Compass. Luckily there were no big withdrawls or purchases. Twice he tried to get gas & the purchase was declined. He came home & looked at the monthly statement and found nothing debited on there. He went to the bank & they found nothing. He left & before he got home they called me & said his card was used in New Orleans at a WalMart & McDonalds. High rollers I guess. Sometimes they try small amounts first to check that it will go though. When they know it will work then they going on a spending spree, yet it never shows up on your statement.
Compass was great about it.

Unfortunately I think it's just the way the world is now a days. I would be more amazed if it didn't happen to me.
The card never left my DH possession. 

Walker Bait --- 8 years ago -

Ok I had to cancel my card and one of the debits was already replaced the other is going to be done tomorrow, and yes I was pissed that I could not reach anyone over the weekend. Especially when the thieves could have milked my account dry. That was more frustrating than anything else. But the man that helped me in the branch was very helpful,thank god. 

Johnny Slam --- 8 years ago -

SOmetimes there is a separate number on the card for fraud. WHne my card had unauthorized purchases, the businesses wouldnt even give me the names for the sell phones and other things purchased. It does them no good to help you, and they dont want to help you because they dont want to refund the money. Your bank will have to get the money back. That's why I say use a regular charge card, especially if it leaves your sight like in a food place. The bank will be in a bigger hurry to get their own money back than yours. 

ilovemydog --- 8 years ago -

It happened to me also at compass. Not once, but twice. The 2nd time they said I could avoid these situations if I had a Compass credit card. Got my money back and switched banks. No more problems. 

Kingwood Pressure Washing --- 8 years ago -

Happened to me at Wells Fargo. The bank actually called me to verify the purchase that was being made at a tire shop in Mexico for $1000.00. Wells Fargo has been a great bank. I tried compass a while back, but was not even remotely satisfied with their customer service. 

Walker Bait --- 8 years ago -

Did my own investigation today, got the co. that the card was used at to give me a screen shot of the order and of course, got this.

sent to this address with this name

waist cincher
1215 carby rd
hoston, TX 77037

this e-mail

and this is one of the things she ordered with initials on it

Dark Gray Monogram Sweatshirt
↳ builder_id: shapp_options_373041996_1416714374718
↳ master_builder:1
↳ Shirt Size: M
↳ Monogram (First, Last, Middle): KGM

Well I looked up all of this information everywhere and all dead ends, I even Google mapped the address and checked the owns past and present, and the house is vacant and none of the past or present owners has these initials, so back to the drawing board. I will find out who did this. 

Wicked --- 8 years ago -

Wow, you got more info than we did a few years ago. Our purchases were made from Turkey and one purchase was an airline ticket. Now, you would think they could track down who purchased the ticket, but the bank was not willing to try. They told me they deal with this everyday and the fraud is covered between the bank and the visa company. We had to both go to the bank and they interviewed us and it felt like an interrogation. 

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