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PreK Schools

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Love --- 7 years ago -

I'm open to any suggestions or recommendations for a PreK School. 

Photomomof2 --- 7 years ago -

Strawbridge bright beginnings learning center. The BEST hands down. Love them! 

Gigix4 --- 7 years ago -

All 4 of my grandkids attended Second Baptist and all are now doing great in regular school. They went from Mother's Day Out through their pre-K program, which is great! The teachers in their pre-K program are the greatest. 

momma0204 --- 7 years ago -

Creative Learning Center at Atascocita Presbyterian Church. 

Cajun Gris Gris --- 7 years ago -

Kids of the Kingdom in Kingwood is excellent and the teachers and staff are great! We'll be putting my daughter who's turning 3 very soon in there as soon as I can get her detached from my wife's hip and convinced that she doesn't need to keep mommy and our dog company all day. We had my older daugter in there prior and had nothing but a good experience 

Ashley1640 --- 7 years ago -

Definitely Creative Learning Center in Atascocita. Same director there from when I went there as a child! My daughter is now in kindergarten, but attended CLC for two years. Amazing, caring, and compassionate teachers that you and your children will get attached to and love! Cannot say enough great things about this MDO and pre-k 

Dentalgal --- 7 years ago -

All 3 of my kids went to the Creative Learning Center. It is Excellent all around. 

Love --- 7 years ago -

Thank you .. :) I'm going to look into these schools. 

magicmom --- 7 years ago -

Holy Comforter is also excellent and affordable. They are south of Kingwood Drive on Woodland Hills Drive. Both of my kids went to MDO and Pre K there and have went on to be honor students. We loved the teachers there! 

dingdong --- 7 years ago -

Kids In Action at Woodland hills and North Park have a great preschool program now--complete with a gym, and Kids IN action and Kindermusik classes are included with tuition. Also offer before and after care. 

SineadORebellion --- 7 years ago -

Strawbridge! We absolutely love it there! (My daughter is in their PreK class). The teachers are so great and they have a 4 day week available! 

kingwood resident --- 7 years ago -

My granddaughter went to Holy Comforter pre-k program and she too is excelling in school. She is a high honor student is now in 9th grade. 

udunnome --- 7 years ago -

Kids of the kingdom. Both kiddos attended. Love the teachers and director! Wonderful experience for 2 totally oposite kids 

StaceyR --- 7 years ago -

My daughter attends Good Shepherd School in Kingwood. She started in their mothers day out program and is now in their Kindergarten. We've had a great experience, if they had an elementary program, she would continue going there. 

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