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Huge Car Show today in Kingwood Town Center

who's talking here?

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KingwoodPCRepair --- 3 years ago -

12-5pm. Plenty of vendors will be there as well including Kingwood Collectibles - lots of cool car related toys for kids as well as adults.
Dr. Scott Mosby Car Show

Emperor of Kingwood --- 3 years ago -

Just returned from the car show. Not as many there and there was in previous years. Same collection of Mustangs. 

gunsnroses --- 3 years ago -

We went this afternoon and plenty of nice cars and trucks to view. Great show ! 

RedMulch --- 3 years ago -

I shared it on facebook with my antique car friend from way the way back in high school. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 3 years ago -

It was very cool. I saw some mighty nice vehicles there! A mustang like my Mom had and some vettes and lots of classic cars, one Thunderbird with an Elvis dummy seated in the drivers 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 3 years ago -

Thunderbird with an Elvis dummy seated in the drivers

Was that you that had your picture taken with Elvis?

We lunched at Cha Chis (sp) then walked around the vehicles. For somecreason I want that 1970 Caddy. 

d:-] --- 3 years ago -

Was the douchebag with the blue Viper there? 

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