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I need some help please! Buying shorts and jeans

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Mabel --- 2 years ago -

I'm a tad over 50 and only wear wear a size 12-14 in little girls or a 0 in jrs. I've looked just about everyplace for shorts and jeans. All I can find is low riders in the hips and booty shorts. Do they not make cloths for smaller aged people that are not polyester anymore?

I love to be able to have the waste atleast up around my belly button on both and I sure as hell don't want my butt hanging out.

I mean that could ruin a teenaged boy for life.
Any help? 

*LOL* --- 2 years ago -

I would say to look online at Lands End. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 2 years ago -

I just got some at Kohl's that I really really like. They're not booty shorts and not long like the Betmudas. Short but your butt won't be hanging out. They're the Sonoma brand which is Kohl's. $19.99. They're sort of cargo styled and there's multiple CoIors, got 2 but would have gotten more if they had my size! 

mizedge --- 2 years ago -

I just love your sense of humor Mabel. Good luck on your shopping 

Gigix4 --- 2 years ago -

You might try looking at Goodwill. 

BrightIdeas --- 2 years ago -

Mabel- my daughter is not much bigger than you size wise. We are pretty conservative dressers. You want to search for "midi" shorts. They are longer length but not bermuda. You may also want to look at children's uniform shorts. They tend to be higher waisted and a modest length. We have had success at Kohls, Gap, occasionally J. Crew Kids & old Navy.

Also, if you already own shorts you like, you can get fabric and take the original shorts to a tailor to make you new ones. 

dogs --- 2 years ago -


Emperor of Kingwood --- 2 years ago -

proper woman would never wear shorts in public. Its not matronly looking. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 2 years ago -

Lol! It's 93, Emp. I AM wearing shorts!! They are nice. I'm nice. All is well. Haaa. 

TinktheSprite --- 2 years ago -

"School uniform " shorts. Thats a great idea! Thise are definitely conservative in Khaki and Navy and?? 

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