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Happy Planet

who's talking here?

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kaybee --- 7 years ago -

My grandson and I have had a wonderful visit! He just want to let everyone know - we love the Happy Planet. 

kaybee --- 7 years ago -


TinktheSprite --- 7 years ago -

What is this place? ? 

kaybee --- 7 years ago -

He would also like to ask that countries please not fight!! from my very precious 5yo grandson :) 

kaybee --- 7 years ago -

Just a long awaited visit to Grandma's house. He wanted to see how KU works. ;) His name is Joe. 

TinktheSprite --- 7 years ago -

Not a great place for kids to read right now. How old is he? There has been a lot of unnecessary bickering going on as of late. Those of us who post and answer mundane, non-argumentative posts have shied away from here because of that. 

kaybee --- 7 years ago -

Thanks for advice. Yes, I notice the seemingly most innocent posts don't stay that way very long. Hence, his topic. He is 5yo and is curious about Everything!! His name is Joe. He would be completely amazed if (one last post on this) if you could send something w/his name in it. Thank you soooo much! 

Blow Joe --- 7 years ago -

Hi Joe!

I hope you are having a good weekend!! 

kaybee --- 7 years ago -

Thank you sooo much Blow Joe. 

whatchamacallit --- 7 years ago -

Joe,have a great visit! 

LitlJay --- 7 years ago -


mutton --- 7 years ago -

Me likes! 

kaybee --- 7 years ago -

Thanks again to all who responded to Joe's post. He loved all responses, and the cartoon was over the top!! This will probably be a memory he won't forget. Thanks for taking time out to make him a happy boy. He wanted to know if he is famous now?!! 

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