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What is with the train on loop494

who's talking here?

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55andunder --- 7 years ago -

This train has been stopped for over the past 5 hours? On loop 494 in front of kingwood drive and the entrance of Kings manor... 

Gigix4 --- 7 years ago -

WOW! I can't believe that stupid train is still stopped there! I came north from Humble, on 494 around 12:30 this afternoon and it was stopped then. I gave up and drove on north to North Park to get back into Kingwood.

That was a really long train to begin with and blocking to major entrances into Kingwood is not a minor thing.

Sure hope it's gone by rush hour(s) in the morning. 

andreweggplant --- 7 years ago -

Train had a mechanical problem that prevented in from moving. UP came in around 1:30 ish and split the train to open KW Dr. Before the repairs were complete the engineers ran out of hours. Repairs were completed and a new crew arrived just a bit ago. They are in the process of re-coupling and moving the train now. 

mutton --- 7 years ago -

Just think how it would have been back when there was no way out other than south to 59...Used to worry me back then. 

NowATXn --- 7 years ago -

I was about to say...we got out of the neighborhood at 4:30pm without any issues on KW Dr.

Thanks Andrew! Glad it wasn't someone being hit by the train or something 

FANCY PANTS --- 7 years ago -

WOW! We turned of 494 to go down Hamblen at about 2:00 this afternoon and when we went over the RR tracks the train was right there. Scared us to death. Thank God it was stopped.

I wonder if it is broken down. That's a long time for it to be just sitting there blocking traffic. 

andreweggplant --- 7 years ago -

I wonder if it is broken down. That's a long time for it to be just sitting there blocking traffic.?

Read 3 posts up... Train had mechanical problem that prevented it from safely moving... 

DVaz --- 7 years ago -

Usually that long = a human fatality. If it's just technical problems, thank God. 

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