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kingwoodcountrygirl1996 --- 7 years ago -

Hi im a 19 year old college student. I have been trying to find a job for 2 weeks now and no one will return my emails or phone calls. Does anyone know of any job openings. Also I can babysit or housesit and even pet sit if anyone needs. Please im desperate. 

Eliza2 --- 7 years ago -

First, actually go to the place of business and ask for an application, take it home, fill it out and then return it. When you return be sure you're dressed nicely, and ask if you could return it personally to the manager. He/She might interview you on the spot-be ready. 

witchywoman --- 7 years ago -

What kind of experience do you have? What kind of work would you like to do? 

Kids Incorporated --- 7 years ago -

We are hiring. Stop by to fill out an application.

Kids Incorporated Learning Center

21519 W. Wallis Dr Porter TX 77365 

kingwoodcountrygirl1996 --- 7 years ago -

witchywoman I babysat for 3 families. One had 2 boys that I watched while mother was at work. I cooked dinner took them to the pool. The second family I watched 2 girls. Sat them for a while and then the 3rd was an autistic girl. I have dogsat for many neighbors and cat sat for one family for 2 year but they moved away. I have horse sat for people that I took horseback riding lessons from. I worked with special education groups in middle school but and high school. 

kingwoodcountrygirl1996 --- 7 years ago -

Really any work. Kids, animals, I will do your lawn. 

DVaz --- 7 years ago -

If you have reliable vehicle deliver pizzas or Chinese food. I used to make about 17$/hour doing it. And you generally work nights so it's good if you are attending school. Domino's is almost always hiring drivers. 

Gotcats --- 7 years ago -

Come to NCISD. We need bus drivers. Starting is 14.50. You will have 2 weeks to take the written tests and get your permit. Then they put you behind the wheel and in class for extensive training. You will have to pay for fingerprinting and your license. They will also do drug test and background check. Much easier to drive than you might think. 

nickernic --- 7 years ago -

walgreens 7440 1960 at the corner of 1960 and west lake houston parkway 

Rebecca --- 7 years ago -

Sonic on Westlake Houston Parkway has a sign out front saying they are hiring. 

sheddy --- 7 years ago -

Spring is almost here. Lowe's and Home Depot are always looking for help once warm weather is coming. 

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