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ChuckNorris --- 2 years ago -


We go there and the kids are running wild to different stations. Skee Ball, milk jug toss, etc. They keep playing and playing to get more tickets.
Tickets tickets tickets. It's all about the tickets.
They spin the wheel over and over again chasing these tickets.
It isn't until the end that they realize what the prize is. Usually it's a stick of gum or a pink eraser.
In all the obsession of gathering tickets, the prize they realized was materially worthless.

They become so obsessed with gathering tickets that that forget to realize the prize for collecting them is worthless.

Translate this further: kids are so obsessed with tickets (aka Instagram likes, FB status) that they forget that the end result leads to nothing substantial.

I am glad the family had fun and I plan on returning, but the experience made me think about life in a strange way.

Any similar experiences out there? 

TinktheSprite --- 2 years ago -

Collecting "anything" is like this. You run amuck from store to store, city to city, state to state or even out of your country to get "First Editions" "Limited" items, "Discontinued" items, "very old things " because of said worth. Then you plop them on shelves, in glass cases, acid free books, special rooms, garages, under special covers, in boxes, unused and collecting dust. They are only worth something if someone buys the from you otherwise you have spent your time and money for naught. At least that is what I feel about "collecting". They might as well be Chuck E Cheese tickets. 

ChuckNorris --- 2 years ago -

This even applies to addictions in life not limited to drugs. 

Valentine --- 2 years ago -

"Chuck E Cheese is only open for birthday parties. If you're not invited, we can't go. ". Words to live by. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 2 years ago -

Collecting things satisfies something in lots of people. It seems to be a very common desire. Maybe a reason to engage in "having" something that makes you happy, makes you happier if you have more and more of it? While i dont see the harm in a vast majority of it, i personally don't want the maintenance of it. I think collecting flowers and cats is ok tho. ;)

Whatever brings you healthy joy is ok with me but people seem to lack moderation as their general guideline. 

Rubicon --- 2 years ago -

I'm so glad we are over this in my household. Watching the kids try to decide what measly piece of junk they can buy with their fist full of tickets was torture! 

ChuckNorris --- 2 years ago -

Today was a unfortunately a ticket day. All the hustle and bustle at work with colleagues that talked about how they work on Good Friday while others abstain. They felt productive and special. Gathering tickets.

Monday will come and nothing will change. 

Joe King --- 2 years ago -

For all the money we used to spend on tickets for the kids they never got anything good. Pencils, erasers, stickers, and crap. Chucky Cheese made a killing off of us. 

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