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Prayers for Joseph

who's talking here?

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ghostpost --- 6 years ago -

For those of you that keep up with Joseph Stanton, I know his family would appreciate your prayers and positive thoughts for him. He has been in the ICU all week battling pneumonia. 

Leila --- 6 years ago -

I got a message from someone at our church and have remembered him in my prayers. Hoping to get a update and hear good news. 

freebyrdll --- 6 years ago -

Any updates? 

Beach Girl --- 6 years ago -

Oh gosh! Praying for Joseph and his family! My son and I were just thinking about Joseph earlier! My 12 yo son went out to ride his bike today after not riding for a long time and he put on his helmet! I told him that I was proud of him and then we started talking about Joseph! Hope he gets well! 

Dorothy Parker --- 6 years ago -

Poor kid... :( 

justcat --- 6 years ago -

Just heartbreaking. 

Nurse Ratched --- 6 years ago -

Any updates on his condition? He popped into my head today, but I couldn't find his caringbridge page. Decided to do a search here and saw this. 

*LOL* --- 6 years ago -

The latest entry:

The Comeback Kid Rides Again

By Terri Stanton May 2, 2016 10:47pm
I'm beyond exhausted but couldn't think of not letting you know that Joe Man is back at the SHOR. It was so very, very exciting to get him out of the hospital and have him feel the cool (yes Houston had 64 degree temps most of the day) breeze on his face and smell something other that the 4 walls of his ICU room and his mama's bleach rampages LOL! He is far from well but the hospital wanted to move him to a regular room but that just doesn't work for someone as high level of acuity as Joseph. We already drive the staff nuts in ICU where the nurse patient ratio is 1:2. Can you imagine if Joseph shared a nurse with 6 other patients? Regardless he's shown improvement these last few days and we felt comfortable bringing him home to continue the respiratory therapy that we've found successful on our own in the hospital. The doctors discontinued all of the antibiotics so please pray that his body can fight off any lingering infections without the use of antibiotics. We've been busy this evening disinfecting everything that HAD to be brought home so we're hopeful these things won't be a source of another infection. Many, many, many thanks for all the hours you've spent in fervent prayer so that I could bring my prince home tonight!

Always giving thanks for the blessing that you are to Joseph and our family and asking the LORD to return those blessings to you 10-fold!

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