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EZ Tag Hwy 99

who's talking here?

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RedMulch --- 5 years ago -

OK I want to go to the opening of Academy tomorrow on Marketplace Dr., but I can't find my EZ tag that I never put on my car last year. Do I need it? Can I get there on a feeder?


Prolix Raconteur --- 5 years ago -

The feeder access is open. No tag required to get to the Academy parking lot. If Academy sold groceries and booze, I'd never shop anywhere else! 

sheddy --- 5 years ago -

You can call, before or after you have used the toll road and they will not charge you. You can even call when driving a rental and they will bill your ez tag. You can do a lot online without talking to anyone. 

RedMulch --- 5 years ago -

I found the ez tag. thank you so much. See you there tomorrow!! 

Joe Blow --- 5 years ago -

There is not a feeder the whole length of 99. It may go to the Academy. 

TinktheSprite --- 5 years ago -

@RedMulch, did you get your $10 coupon in the mail? 

Joe Blow --- 5 years ago -

Red they do not sell booze. 

sheddy --- 5 years ago -

I had heard that there would be no feeders on 99. There are so many sections where a feeder would be impossible. I can't believe how huge the retention ponds are along the highway and was told there was water over the road after the flood. 

RedMulch --- 5 years ago -

Yes. Tink. It came the mail 

Annie's Mom --- 5 years ago -

There is no way onto 99 at 59 without going through the lights and being on the feeder. That is going to be a traffic nightmare up there as those stores are developed. 

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