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It's time to grow up.

who's talking here?

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SouthernCommunism --- 1 years ago -

Karras, Fuzz, and Soup. It's time to grow up. I don't know how old any of you are, but the way you act, and speak, and represent our community through these post, on "the heart and soul of our Kingwood, Texas family" makes me honestly believe you are children who have stayed on mom's computer a few years too long.
Call me a troll, I have repeated the idea that this should be a place of serious, substantive discussion regarding issues that concern us. However, you three have constantly, and consistently reinforced your point of view through lackluster, low effort submissions of often misleading and straight up untrue news stories.
Get out of your echo chambers. Try to understand that your political opinions are not the supreme, end all be all.
The world is not made up of conservatives and liberals in an all out battle.
and our world should not be made up of ill-informed, reactionary, simple echo chambers. If you think your opinions are worth their salt and you think you can defend them, let's debate. 

fuzz81 --- 1 years ago -

What do you want to debate me on? 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 1 years ago -

You're such a troll, SC 

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