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Similarities between JFK and DJT

who's talking here?

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Karras --- 1 years ago -

Maybe it's not really the loony left trying to take down Trump. Maybe its those who have a vested interest in us never having a cooperative relationship with the Russians:

"Just consider the accusations that have been leveled at the president:

1.He has betrayed the Constitution, which he swore to uphold.
2.He has committed treason by befriending Russia and other enemies of America.
3.He has subjugated America?s interests to Moscow.
4.He has been caught in fantastic lies to the American people, including personal ones, like his previous marriage and divorce.

President Donald Trump?

No, President John F. Kennedy.

What lots of Americans don?t realize, because it was kept secret from them for so long, is that what Trump has been enduring from the national-security establishment, the mainstream press, and the American right-wing for his outreach to, or ?collusion with,? Russia pales compared to what Kennedy had to endure for committing the heinous ?crime? of reaching out to Russia and the rest of the Soviet Union in a spirit of peace and friendship.
They hated him for it. They abused him. They insulted him. They belittled him. They called him naïve. They said he was a traitor.

All of the nasties listed above, plus more, were contained in an advertisement and a flier that appeared in Dallas on the morning of November 22, 1963, the day that Kennedy was assassinated. They can be read here and here.

Ever since then, some people have tried to make it seem like the advertisement and flier expressed only the feelings of extreme right-wingers in Dallas. That?s nonsense. They expressed the deeply held convictions of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the CIA, the conservative movement, and many people within the mainstream media and Washington establishment.

In June 1963, Kennedy threw down the gauntlet in a speech he delivered at American University, now entitled the ?Peace Speech.? It was one of the most remarkable speeches ever delivered by an American president. It was broadcast all across the communist Soviet Union, the first time that had ever been done.

In the speech, Kennedy announced that he was bringing an end to the Cold War and the mindset of hostility toward Russia and the rest of the Soviet Union that the U.S. national-security establishment had inculcated in the minds of the American people ever since the end of World War II."

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wayward1 --- 1 years ago -

Both could have "nailed" a princess but had no interest in it. 

BuiltinTX70 --- 1 years ago -

So I guess Trump doesn't have it that bad, relatively speaking ;) 

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