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Grrrr ... dang sod webworms!

who's talking here?

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Saturn 5
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TinktheSprite 12
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Gigix4 --- 351 days ago -

They have returned with a vengeance! If you have not sprayed for them yet, better plan on doing it soon.
I sprayed with Cyonara yesterday evening and plan on spraying again in a week.


TinktheSprite --- 332 days ago -

Randy Lemmon says they are making an encore this summer. How goes the war, Gigix4?? 

Gigix4 --- 332 days ago -

How goes the war

Well, the war is still on. Last year, it was mostly in the front yard. This year they are working on destroying my back yard. Still spraying and the price of Cyonara is going up but still cheaper than re-sodding. 

a3774983uu --- 331 days ago -

I put down 2 of the 20oz hose attachement bottles 2 weeks ago of Cyonara and they are showing up again in some of the weeds yesterday I saw. Stuff was $20 per bottle, gotta be something cheaper. 

Saturn --- 331 days ago -

I sprayed my lawn with Cyonara two weeks ago and had good success ... for about a week and now they're back in force.

I talked to the owner of Kingwood Garden Center and he recommended using granules over Cyonara for better control. So I picked up three - twenty pound bags of Spectracide Triazicide and after I finish mowing today, I'll spread it and water it in.

The granules not only kill the surface moths, but they seep into the turf below the grass and kill the worm ... at least that's what they advertise. Plus, it's supposed to last longer then the liquid sprays.

My fingers and toes are crossed that they work ...

Like Gigi said, "this is war" ... 

Gigix4 --- 331 days ago -

I think the incubation period for those pesky things is 7-10 days so I have trying to spray every 7-10 days - it's a never ending battle. Yes, it gets expensive. 

TinktheSprite --- 331 days ago -

spray every 7-10 days

^^^That. you have to keep spraying to break the cycle. Lemmon says every 3-4 days. 

Saturn --- 331 days ago -

The lawn is mowed, trimmed and I've spread the Triazicide and am watering it in.

The plan is to kill those miserable Sob Webworms and their whole gang.

Tonight I ride with "Spectracide Triazicide"! 

TinktheSprite --- 331 days ago -

The neighbors on either side of me do not take care of their lawn. Aside from mowing/scalping, the lawns are lucky to get watered. If any lawn will get attacked by bugs and disease it will be their lawns. And then there's my healthy green lawn in the middle. sigh. 

Gigix4 --- 331 days ago -

Tonight I ride with "Spectracide Triazicide"!

LOL - Saturn, let us know if it works.
I spread Ortho Home Defense granules, that indicates it kills sod webworms, then sprayed with Cyonara. 

RedMulch --- 331 days ago -

I wouldn't know one if I saw one...what do they look like? 

RedMulch --- 331 days ago -

I did find a cricket in Kroger today. lol 

Saturn --- 331 days ago -

Saturn, let us know if it works

I will Gigi ...

I'm hoping that in addition to the Sod Webworms it kills the "No See Ums" too.

Those little bastards think I'm a smorgasbord when I'm on the deck with the dogs. 

TinktheSprite --- 331 days ago -

My neighbor to the left has them and to the left of her. I told her to please keep them on her side. I'm bringing out the bug zapper light. That seemed to attract several last year and zapped them. Then out comes the Cutter Backyard Spray as it's time for a second dose after the weekend. It says it takes care of Sod Websorms and mosquitoes as well. 

mamadog53 --- 330 days ago -

What do you put on lawns that will kill the sod webworms yet is safe for pets? I worry about using granules. Do they dissolve when watered? 

Gigix4 --- 330 days ago -

From everything I have read about those pests, is to spray and do it late in the afternoon or early evening since that is their feeding time. Most sprays will indicate to keep people and pets off of the area until the spray has dried, usually about 2 hrs. 

Saturn --- 329 days ago -

Gigi -

I think the Triazicide is working.

I spread 20 lbs in the backyard and 40 lbs in the front yard and when I walked the yard today, I only saw 2 moths.

I went to Ace earlier and picked up 2 bags of Nitro Phos SuperTurf fertilizer and will spread it later this afternoon when it starts to cool down.

Incidentally, all the plants are doing well, but I haven't seen any Monarchs yet ... 

Gigix4 --- 329 days ago -

I think the Triazicide is working.

Thanks Saturn. I'll have to check on that since I'm still pet-sitting and have to be careful what they might get into.

Glad the plants are doing well and as for the Monarchs, I haven't seen as many as earlier. I think it might be too dang hot for them and they have moved on. 

TinktheSprite --- 329 days ago -

Yes. It's time for a second dose of a slow release fertilizer. 

TinktheSprite --- 321 days ago -

OK, I think I found something! Recently I killed a bunch of wasp. I had hlaf a can of Spectracide Pro Wasp Killer, ($3.97 at Home Depot)So I thought maybe they will work on these moths flying in my flowerbeds?

First I kicked the shrubs and made the moths fly out. But they were too fast for the thin spray pattern. So I just sprayed zig zaggy over the shrubs and plants and they took off flying like crazy. I did see 1-2 drop dead immediately. The others might die slower because the spray of the wasp spray is so concentrated and might have only misted them.

The moths aren't in my lawn at all. They can stay in the flower beds. I have treated both beds and lawn with Bug B Gone granules and now the Pimetherine(sp?) in the wasp spray. That will hopefully kill and larva as they try to crawl to my lawn? I hope I don't wake up to dead shrubs. LOL 

Texvette --- 321 days ago -

Talstar is a good granular insecticide for sod webworms. Then follow-up with Cyonara spray. Got both at doityourself pest control. 

TinktheSprite --- 321 days ago -

I have granular down and sprays wiating in the wings. But it's been too rainy to use them. So it's wasp spray until the rains dry up and then I go in for the KILL! 

Prolix Raconteur --- 320 days ago -

Nitro-Phos Bug Out MAX works good as well as far as granules. I coated the lawn yesterday before the rain. Good timing as long as it didn't wash most away before it dissolved. They're very small granules so think we're OK. 

TinktheSprite --- 320 days ago -

I think you should be okay. I emptied my rain gauge last night. We got 2" this morning. Then I emptied it during a rain break. Then another 1-1/2" this afternoon. The break was enough to let it soak in some.

I have used NP Bug Out since the Spring and just changed over to Bug B Gone in case bugs get sensitized to chemicals. The 10# bag covers 10K sq ft. I don't have a 10K sq ft lawn, probably not even half that! but I used up the whole bag! LOL Just waiting for when I can spray the Cutter. DIE bugs, DIE! 

TinktheSprite --- 318 days ago -

GRRRRRR! They @#$! moths are flying in my lawn! 

Prolix Raconteur --- 318 days ago -

Mine too, worse than ever!?!?! Guess the rain got them all fired up. Back to the drawing board. 

Gigix4 --- 318 days ago -

They @#$! moths are flying in my lawn!

Mine as well and there are millions of them everywhere! 

Prolix Raconteur --- 318 days ago -

Donald Trump recommends a product called Fire and Fury for aggravating pests.

I DIGRESS!!!!!! It's a joke! Not going political on the only non political post on KU!

Bugs bad; carry on. 

TinktheSprite --- 318 days ago -

Is it too wet to spray? There's more rain in the forecast. Should we wait?? I sure hope all those bug granules I put down kill whomever decides to hatch in my lawn! 

Saturn --- 318 days ago -

Provided we don't get a gully washer tonight, I'm gonna' mow the lawn tomorrow and then spread Nitro-Phos Bug Out on it.

I'm trying to stay one step ahead of those little bastards, but sometimes I feel like I'm on the losing end of the stick ... 

TinktheSprite --- 318 days ago -

I'll be mowing in the morning as well. It's humid and gross outside right now. Just like August! I am going to spray next. But I know it really doesn't help as long as the neighbors aren't spraying. If I have them in my yard, they are in their yard, too! 

TinktheSprite --- 318 days ago -

I am in the category of "Keeping them under control/prevent lawn damage.". Has anyone here had sod damage yet? I have seen only a few lawns with some damage. 

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