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Humble ISD elementary school supply packets

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Dorothy Parker --- 352 days ago -

If you did not pre-order an EPI school supply packet and you need one, they're having a one day sale a week from this Friday, Aug. 11, from 9-6 at two campuses, check the link to see which campus sells your school's supply kit. Get there early because they sell FAST!

Click on flyer link for info 

dkeller --- 352 days ago -

Soon gone are the days of watching parents roam from aisle to aisle with that list in their hand and hearing, "This one Dad?!"

"No,,, not that kind, it says.... Hey, look at that, they didn't make those when I was growing up. That's cool."


"We have to buy all that! Well, if it's for school you gotta have it...and make sure you take care of that so we don't have to buy it again!" days :) 

Dorothy Parker --- 352 days ago -

My bad, a week from this Friday....I'm living in the future! Lol 

dkeller --- 352 days ago -

LOL...hey, plenty of notice! Nothing wrong with that. 

TinktheSprite --- 352 days ago -

Once my DD's packet did not get delivered. Showed them the cancelled check. EPI said, "Sorry, we'll give you a refund". (yes, I called) Never saw the refund and I had to go running aisle to aisle after the start of school. That was dreadful! 

MyOpinion --- 350 days ago -

It may not be common knowledge but teachers buy school supplies for there classroom out of their pocket. It is not unusual for a teacher to spend hundreds of dollars through out the year. 

Dorothy Parker --- 343 days ago -

Today is the day! First come, first served - limited supply.

Happy Friday! 

TinktheSprite --- 343 days ago -

I love this time of year for school supplies even though I have no kids left. But I can stock up on home office supplies when the very same stuff would cost three times as much in Dec.

One year I stocked up on extra school supplies i.e. red correcting pencils, crayons, pencils, folders, spirals, dry erase markers, etc, and added them to the teacher's Christmas Gift. They were well-received. 

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