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Un-shameful Trump....

who's talking here?

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Zapper009 --- 5 years ago -

Turned the Harvey trip into a publicity stunt...SHAME on his wealthy and egotistical azzzzzzzzzz... 

a5013738uu --- 5 years ago -

Amazing what this man is doing for this nation! Had FEMA helping before the storm even hit and came to reassure our excellent leaders that he has our back to help each of us! 

Not KU --- 5 years ago -

Had FEMA helping before the storm even hit and came to reassure our excellent leaders

Gov Abbott did it. Its his job. 

a5013738uu --- 5 years ago -

Having watched Bush and then Obama handle natural disasters, I'm so impressed with how Trump supported our Govenor in such a pro-active non-reactive way. I didn't even vote for this man, but wow - his business skills are really showing. And for the record, it's up to the local jurisdiction to 'ask' for assistance where Abbott and Trump put the offer ahead of the storm. 

dkeller --- 5 years ago -

Gov Abbott did it. Its his job.?

Yes. Give credit where credit is due. It was Abbott's early call. 

Zapper009 --- 5 years ago -

SHAME on his wealthy and egotistical azzzzzzzzzz...  

TwickleToes --- 5 years ago -

You know, I really don't do politics here. However; Trump is an idiot. Texas is great? Was that all he could say? Oh wait, he said we could handle anything. Did we really need to hear that? I know we are great. What I want to know is, what are you going to do for us. What he said did not say a thing about what he will make sure happens for us. Ok, so I just did a bit of venting. I really hate Trump, go ahead, come after me. I do not care. As much as I do not care for Gov. Abbot - he did do it all. He made sure FEMA would be here at the earliest moment. Cudos to Gov Abbot....still hate Trump. 

Zapper009 --- 5 years ago -

And, he just conveniently forgot to mention all the GREAT volunteers, the tragic and unfortunate deaths, and the tireless and valuable news media coverage...

Why does everything always have to be about DONNIE?? 

RayofHope --- 5 years ago -

Don't you guys ever get tired of the petty political bickering? .......Can't we focus on the hurricane? 

Im Incognito --- 5 years ago -

Gov Abbott did it. Its his job

Actually, you are wrong. FEMA is federal. The Gov can ask for it but the Pres sends it.

The people who hate Pres Trump will complain no matter what he does. Also, whatever he does will never be good enough for them. I feel sorry for them. 

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