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Hiring a General Contractor

who's talking here?

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TwickleToes --- 6 years ago -

I am so sorry. I have to get to the office servers to post How to Hire a General Contractor..however...the thieves are coming. Those that take advantage of your desperation. Off the top of my head I have a few general contractors I work with...
Forest Cove Repair..Dave Henceman...713-816-8788. C.A. Stancel (713) 822-1514, Lonnie Vicory (formerly Lee Bass (RIP my friend))...not insured but a good man anyway..850-637-4658..take care. I will post the "How to hire" tomorrow. 

HeavenMadeProducts --- 6 years ago -

Contractors will be in great demand and all of us will be extremely busy. I want to add my name to the list above. I am local and I have 35 years experience.

Secure your contractor before they are booked up. Many people will wait a long time for a local contractor or take someone out of state. There are way too many homes damaged for the local contractors to handle. Just saying.

Strictly Quality Remodeling
Michael Pitre

TwickleToes --- 6 years ago -

We have never met, but I do know your name. Absolutely any input you have is welcome. I can get to the office but I don't believe we have electric yet, somewhat a remote location. I am going over to check this afternoon. 

sdanielmcev --- 6 years ago -

Dave's a good guy. 

TwickleToes --- 6 years ago -

Dave is awesome. 

Judas --- 6 years ago -

We had issues with Heaven made here on KU before. Remember? If not search old posts. 

dkeller --- 6 years ago -

We had issues with Heaven made here on KU before. Remember? If not search old posts.?

I pm'd you. thank you 

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