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KHS/Summer Creek HS's

who's talking here?

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Gigix4 --- 344 days ago -

Any info on how their first day went? I'm hoping it was uneventful and that KHS kiddos were welcomed by SC. 

Dorothy Parker --- 343 days ago -

From what my KHS student told me, the classes went smoothly. The arrival, lunch and dismissal were not so smooth.

The KHS buses can't get to SCHS until after they finish the middle school routes. Since middle school doesn't dismiss until 4:10, the KHS kids are waiting for a minimum of 45 mins for their bus which then takes an hour to get home. Mine got home at 6:15 last night. Some kids didn't get home until nearly 7:00.

I hope they're able to hire more drivers/get more buses while we're sharing a campus. Going to pick up your child takes a minimum of an hour and 1/2 with all the traffic. Not easy for a working parent. 

SueRDH --- 343 days ago -

My co-worker's kid spent almost 2 hours on the bus each way. They arrived at the school after class already started so they weren't able to eat lunch. Didn't get home until close to 6:00. I hope it gets better for them soon. 

TinktheSprite --- 343 days ago -

I heard the kids were dealing with things just fine. But some parents from both schools are whining LOUDLY.

Yep, the bus schedules suck right now. Maybe it will get better as drivers get more in sync? 

Gigix4 --- 343 days ago -

I think it all will work out eventually. Glad to hear that the kids are looking at this as a positive. Some parents ... not so much, but leave it alone and it will work out. It is what it is! Glad that KHS has a temporary home even though there are some bumps along the way.

This too shall pass. 

Tryingto --- 342 days ago -

I grew up in a little town, and there were plenty of people in the outlying rural areas that spent that long getting back and forth to school because that was where the school how far the closest school was. It was snowy, cold, and bumpy. Other kids commute so they can go to specialized schools and programs in other districts because they have underperforming schools or an interest in a sport.

I know the old, "when I was your age..." scenario is cliche, but high school kids generally welcome more time with friends.

It's a shame parents are whining. Given that the district holds most of it's parent events during the day from elementary on, the working parent scenario doesn't seem to be a big enough problem to even move things during working parent friendly times during the typical school year.

Hopefully, they can set up car pool scenarios for kids who miss the bus. Again, teenagers generally don't have trouble finding a ride somewhere they want to be:) They are pretty scrappy that way. 

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