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Forest Cove

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GREEBO --- 254 days ago -

As a past resident I am sorry for all the problems you are having.
Just idle curiosity how do thing look around St Andrews and Laurel Springs? 

TinktheSprite --- 254 days ago -

I have only been down the west side of St. Andrews and all homes are safe there. 

Joe Blow --- 253 days ago -

I think it's good there. 

TinktheSprite --- 252 days ago -

Well, not all good. Nursing home was evacuated there, homes in LakeShore and other low areas need gutting. Hamblen road was shut down for days. I think they are going to rebuild, but, it wans't good there. And of course, the condos on the the river were destroyed on the ends, the river took them. The other remaining condos are in baaaad shape. 

voice of reason --- 252 days ago -

the o.p. was asking specifically about st. andrews and laurel springs. everyone knows hamblen road was flooded as usual. 

witchywoman --- 252 days ago -

Does anyone know how many homes flooded in Forest Cove? 

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