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Any of our police officer friends still around here?

who's talking here?

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RedMulch 4
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RedMulch --- 358 days ago -

I have a license plate number I am curious about from a car that has been abandoned for a couple of months. Let me know and I will pm you the details. 

SleightOfHand --- 358 days ago -

They can?t just run plates and give you the info 

Kwood13 --- 358 days ago -

pm me. I can tell you owner address etc 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 358 days ago -

"They can't just run plates and give you the info"

Our own Snake Plisskin did. He's not Snake Plisskin now and he's been like 10 other names but yeah, magic powers to fill the halls of Internet shenanigan history. 

RedMulch --- 358 days ago -

My virus protection won't let me PM anyone on this site. In fact it will hardly let me post. It says there is an untrustworthy certificate. I say proceed and it says "you don't know what you are doing"

Anyway the plate number is JLZ-2117. Texas. It is not abandoned on my property, but a close by business. I have reported it to several people and it is still there. In the beginning, it had two child seats inside. They are now gone. I figure some repo company is looking for it. 

Zapper009 --- 358 days ago -

For $2.95 you can get 5 days of search access...

Search here...

Good luck... 

SleightOfHand --- 358 days ago -

Running it won?t tell you if it is up for repo 

Zapper009 --- 357 days ago -

But if he/she has a need to know, a phone call may be in order... 

RedMulch --- 357 days ago -

I have no need to know. I have no idea who the car belongs to, I am just a curious ID addict who wonders why it has sat for 2 whole months and is totally ignored. It contained two child seats at first, and now they are gone. 

RedMulch --- 357 days ago -

Running it won?t tell you if it is up for repo

I know. I just wanted to make sure it not involved in some type of crime. (This is not trying to cause someone trouble, it is just my curiosity) 

Zapper009 --- 355 days ago -

Well - many on offered to help, thinking that you were really serious.

Just nosey, oh 

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