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Dog in need of rescue

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Gotcats --- 348 days ago -

I have passed by this dog for 2 days. It looks like a pit mix. Silver and white. It is in grassy/tree area on Northpark between Sorters Rd and Hwy 59 south feeder. Across from the Valero in the section between where you can veer off on side streeet that cuts through to feeder and Northpark. I hope someone can help this dog. It looks healthy enough but there are no houses anywhere near there. 

Dorothy Parker --- 347 days ago -

Why didn't you stop to help the dog? 

TinktheSprite --- 346 days ago -

Why didn't you stop to help the dog?

Maybe she got cats? 

Gotcats --- 345 days ago -

Why didn't you stop to help the dog?

1. I'm driving a school bus when I see it.
2. I cannot have a dog where I am.
3. Just trying to help the poor dog... 

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