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Governor Abbott doesn't give a darn about Kingwood and our flooding issues

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witchywoman --- 322 days ago -

According to our councilman David Martin Abbott's 61 billion dollar budget doesn't appropriate any money to dredge the San Jacinto as needed or address our flooding in any other way.

Call Abbott's office now in Austin. Send him emails. Contact him via the State website. Just do something to let him know that we will not stand for no action on our issues.

Houston pays into 1/3 of the State of Texas budget and we demand to get our needs met!

Abbott makes Perry look like a rocket scientist.


Prolix Raconteur --- 321 days ago -

Wouldn't a feasibility study need to be completed before that could be included in a budget? 

witchywoman --- 321 days ago -

Studies have been done. Ask Martin. He knows. He suggests we pressure the Texas politicians. 

Joe Blow --- 321 days ago -

Abbott makes Perry look like a rocket scientist.




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