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Latinos Dumping Democrats?

who's talking here?

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RayofHope --- 312 days ago -

Democrats and many Republicans see the growing Latino population as a boon to the Democratic Party. That is far from the truth.

Several years ago I took a business trip with a Latino associate. During the trip he mentioned that he was involved with LULAC and Democratic politics. He asked me a question about my political beliefs.

'Both parties will tell you anything to get your vote,' I started. 'But Democrats generally are controlled by Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. Plus the Republicans are pro-family. I don't particularly like the Republican Party, but have no choice'.

He paused and said. 'You know those are Mexican values. I guess I am going to have to change my party affiliation to Republican.'

Many Mexican arrivals are involved the Catholic Church, which Obama took on as president. As the new arrivals settle in, they will gravitate toward the Republicans.

Recently, many Latinos began breaking with Democrats over DACA. The Democrats turned down Trumps generous offer concerning DACA and many Latinos are mad.

Latinos & Democrats

Joe Blow --- 312 days ago -


You wish.

Then again, the white pubies do not want to be aligned with darker skinned latinos. 

Miss Understanding --- 311 days ago -

Republicans aren't in denial. They know they're in trouble. They'll do their best to spin things, but they know the truth!!! 

urabunchcats --- 311 days ago -

Ha Ha Ha 

RayofHope --- 311 days ago -

Then again, the white pubies do not want to be aligned with darker skinned latinos.?

Why do people try and spin comments towards skin color?

It dums down what could be an intelligent discussion.

The comments are about the inclinations of a group of people (I.E., Immigrants from Mexico).

You can make generalizations about their culture that will predispose them toward being Republican.

Most are Roman Catholic. When there was a demonstration against Planned Parenthood one of the Roman Catholic churches chartered a bus to bring church members. 

RayofHope --- 311 days ago -

Interesting article about why so many Catholics are leaving the Democratic party.

Obama Attack on Catholics 

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