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ToastyT --- 4 years ago -

I do not usually do totally negative reviews but the Charge Nurse on the 5th floor today (Judy) was so unprofessional that I feel I have no choice but to air this everywhere I can. My elderly mother is dying. She is on a C-Pap machine which has to be removed so she can eat. Literally it can only be off for a few minutes before her oxygen level drops so low she is in danger of a heart attack (ultimately death). At lunch today we called the RT (Respatory Therapist) to remove her mask. He did so, but no one was monitoring her oxygen level. There are monitors everywhere - mainly right in front Judy. We monitored her level while she tried to eat. When it dropped to 64 I sent my brother after the nurse. At this point someone should have already been on the way, but wasn't. He approached Judy and told her the mask needed to be put back on. She jumped all over him for removing it. He explained he didn't remove it the RT did. So she did nothing. While this was going on I called the RT from the room phone. My brother returned to the room then the RT showed up and started putting the mask back on. My brother told me what she said, so I went to explain to her we do not remove the mask, there are only 2 people that can do that, the Nurse and the RT. When I arrived at the desk (and remember there is at least a 7 - 9 minute gap here) she just started calling the RT - and sent him to the wrong room. The RT corrected her - the nurse setting beside her also corrected her to the right room number. When she was done I told her who I was and said we did not remove the mask, and had we waiting on her she may not have made it. She really jumped into my a** saying she shouldn't be eating at all and that mask should never be removed. I responded saying, no - she has to eat. We have been doing this for 5 days now, and I have seen the Doctor every single day - and never once has he told me she should not be eating. They certainly bring her a meal 3 times a day. Sounds like BS to me. Then she charged back with - here is an exact quote, "Well, which way do you want her to die? Starvation or lack of oxygen!" I have never met a more unprofessional, thoughtless, person in my life. That was totally uncalled for, and certainly was unnecessary. This cold hearted B should not even be allowed to work with people, much less elderly people that cannot defend themselves. 

Butterbean --- 4 years ago -

I'm glad you got to share this somewhere.

I don't pretend to know protocol for medical stuff. The end of life is difficult to deal with. That sounds like what it is.

Please see/talk with a counselor of some description - maybe a hospice person. 

Saturn --- 4 years ago -


I am so sorry that you, your family and especially your Mom are going through this.

I agree with Butterbean that you should talk to either a counselor, or a hospice person, regarding the Charge Nurse's behavior. I can only imagine what was going through you mind listening to her.

I will say this, however; my wife passed away at KWMC 2 years ago on Monday from conditions related to her battle with Cancer.

The nurses and the staff on the 5th floor cared for her with the upmost of dignity and respect. And they where always there for us to answer our questions and concerns.

When I made the decision to remove her from Life Support after 4 days of being in a coma, they where both compassionate and supportive.

After she was removed from Life Support she was moved to Comfort Care on the 1st floor. The nurses and staff charged with her comfort care treated her with dignity and were very supportive to me and her son.

She passed the following day.

Again, I am so sorry that you, your family and your Mother are going through this, 

ToastyT --- 4 years ago -

We are arranging Hospice, and all the regular nurses have been awesome. Just this lady was an awful human being - and she is in charge of the nurses for that floor. That lack of tact is just really hard to swallow. I've found the complaint department - apparently it's Yelp, they seem to respond there. As soon as mom is released I am posting. 

Texas Lady --- 4 years ago -

She needs to be reported to the hospital administrator and I Would demand she be reprimanded and you want an apology. No family should ever be treated this way. We had a similar experience at another facility and it was so upsetting to me and how our loved one was disrespected. We received a written apology but it didn?t take the hurt away. 

ilovemydog --- 4 years ago -

The nurse needs some unpaid time off for her remarks. That's how it should work but won't, unfortunately. Unbelievable! 

Joe Blow --- 4 years ago -

I would have reported her IMMEDIATELY. Cold hearted thing. Why doesn't the RT sit there for 5 minutes while she eats for god's sake? 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 4 years ago -

I've had similar experiences with nurses at Kingwood hospital- Nothing surprises me about that place- 

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