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I joined this crazy place on 2009-12-12, 7 years ago.

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Trump is least popular president in history - 52 days ago

Ok...I googled the accomplishments of Obama's first hundred days and they only showed credit for his disaster health care law. All the media and democrats can do is constantly trash Trump. What can...

What Would You Do? - 121 days ago

Go to a Board meeting. Chances are the Board is not aware of yor complaints if you just contacted Sterling. If your neighborhood has additional security the Board can ask them to go by and speak wi...

ObamaCare is Horrible! Get rid of it now - 122 days ago

It is obvious that there are a lot of flaws with this Law. The deductibles, the fine if you can't pay for the premium. I asked for COBRA in writing through my previous employer for one month and t...

Trump says he will never take vacations. Has taken 3 so far. - 127 days ago

Will the liberals ever let it go? Surely they have more important things to worry about.

Nordstroms and Ivanka Trump items - 134 days ago

Shame on Nordstroms. I will no longer shop at their Woodlands store.


Happy Days are here again! So long Michelle and Barack!

Primary Care Physician Accepting Medicare - 155 days ago

I have Kelsey Care and their docs are great. Very happy with them as my secondary.

I would rather watch a Pre-Season Browns V Jets over these M. Streep movies - 164 days ago

Another reason I am so proud to be a "deplorable ".

Who's going to pay for the wall? Taxpayers. - 167 days ago

I don't care who pays for it....we have to control the borders.

Alert to Sand Creek Residents - 191 days ago

Last night several vehicles were broken into and items stolen. If you were a victim report to the police...looks like they targeted Woodland Falls street mostly.

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