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Nordstroms and Ivanka Trump items

who's talking here?

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tennismommy --- 305 days ago -

Shame on Nordstorms. Nordstrom says the items were not profitable. Time to go to Dillards at Baybrook Mall. So sad that we get a President that actually works and people are attacking his family. It was reported at CNN that Neiman Marcus was following Nordstorms but I found out that they are still carrying her jewelry in three locations. CNN Headlines: Neiman Marcus following Nordstroms on Ivanka Trump items. So crazy that people just read headlines and that is their only research. 

BuiltinTX70 --- 305 days ago -

Why is it a shame?

The line isn't it gets dropped. That's called running a business. 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 305 days ago -

The CNN crowd doesn't know the difference between what they get on CNN and SNL. 

BuiltinTX70 --- 305 days ago -

Are you suggesting that Nordstorms should continue to carry the product despite performance? Because she's the President's daughter?

Now, if someone can show that the line of clothing is indeed beneficial to their bottom line, then you have a debate....... 

tennismommy --- 305 days ago -

We all know that performance was not the case. I have seen other shoes in Nordstroms and Trump shoes are sometimes nicer than designer shoes at a lower price. I have also noticed that her shoes were placed in a prime location. I have also ordered online because a size was sold out. More business for other stores now. 

tennismommy --- 305 days ago -

Shame on me that I even waisted time on this subject. Trump is working on getting things down!!! 

BuiltinTX70 --- 305 days ago -

...mix in some spell/grammar check, jeez....... 

Eliza2 --- 305 days ago -

Also dropped by other companies for not performing.
Last week, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus both announced that they would no longer be selling Ivanka Trump's clothing line. Now, four more stores--Belk, Jet, ShopStyle, and Home Shopping Network--are dropping it as well, citing "lagging sales." 

BuiltinTX70 --- 305 days ago -

And the unfortunately thing is, the drop in performance is probably not due to her clothing line - it's probably due to her father.

That's pretty sad. 

Jpgirl --- 305 days ago -

I'd bet the farm it had very little to do with politics. I was in women's retail for over 10 years and gave input to the buyers as to what was moving and what was not. Most buyers buy almost a year in advance. Next Fall is being decided very soon. This Spring's line was bought late last summer. Lines are dropped and added quickly. So the buyers probably have decided to no buy the upcoming Fall line( or perhaps they decided last summer to not buy this year's Spring line. They will let inventory sell out. They are in business to make money. If the line was selling they wouldn't drop it JUST to make a political statement.

Boycott away- sounds like the line is a bomb as other retailers are dropping it 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 305 days ago -


Are we great again yet --- 305 days ago -

Dear Leader's tweet might force a lawsuit that would force release of his tax returns to determine his ownership in the clothing line.
That would be evidence used to convict him in his trial after he is impeached. 

Texas Lady --- 305 days ago -

Shame on Nordstroms. I will no longer shop at their Woodlands store. 

tennismommy --- 305 days ago -

I will send Nordstrom an email with my comments.

Neiman Marcus still sells some of her items in a few stores. Next target is his cousin.

Let me sell you some swamp land if you think its not political. 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 305 days ago -

so ridiculous- Nordstrom's is not going to cancel a line of clothes and shoes that is making them money! 

Dorothy Parker --- 304 days ago -

Nordstroms stock went up after dropping her line.Read about it here!  

tennismommy --- 304 days ago -

only 1.75 WOW a big surge as reported in some newspapers 

Dorothy Parker --- 304 days ago -

Going up is going up...I'm sure the shareholders are happy. :) 

them --- 304 days ago -

Don't you people hate greedy corporations and their owners? 

TinktheSprite --- 304 days ago -

Conflict of Interest, maybe? "Buy my products, I'm the President/President's (Second) first Lady". 

smartypants --- 304 days ago -

Dear Leader is tweeting about his "poor" daughter not making money, while Syrian children sit in refugee camps in harms way because he thinks they're a threat to our safety. He fusses about Nordstrom's while banning Iraqi translators who helped us fight terrorists. What a selfish stupid d*ck. 

FANCY PANTS --- 304 days ago -

Shame on Nordstroms. Nordstrom says the items were not profitable.
We all know that performance was not the case.

I have to agree with you but don't worry, another company will pick up the line. 

them --- 304 days ago -

while Syrian children sit in refugee camps in harms way because he thinks they're a threat to our safety.

Is the US the only country they can migrate to? 

Leila --- 304 days ago -

I saw her line on markdown at Nordstroms before this ever became a story. Her clothing looks like inferior knockoffs and to me it would be more suited for a store like Kohls.

I was shopping for children's clothing at Nordstroms as well and all of the Kardashion Kids line was on deep discount too.
The sales lady told me that the label did not appeal to the average shopper and had actually been a deterrent to sales. I think these celebrity brands are not attracting the more upscale shopper as may have been expected.

Maybe it depends on the level of the celebrity but reality celebs like Kardashions and Trumps just don't hold the same level of classic brand association as an established designer brand would have.

But it doesn't matter. People are free to buy what they want and if the brand or label has a negative associated with it, that is not something to have a twitter rant about. That is the game of retail. 

smartypants --- 304 days ago -

Is the US the only country they can migrate to??

No, but Europe has put the brakes on. And no, nobody in their right mind wants little girls to go to Saudi Arabia.

We especially have a duty to admit the Iraqi translators. They are targets in their own country, and without their help our boots on the ground could not do what they needed to do. 

them --- 304 days ago -

No, but Europe has put the brakes on.

Since Steve Bannon is the liberal boogeyman du juor can you blame Europes stop on him? 

smartypants --- 304 days ago -

Since Steve Bannon is the liberal boogeyman du juor can you blame Europes stop on him??

He is? That's news to me. I thought Mitchy was today's. What he did kinda backfired on him though. 

smartypants --- 304 days ago -

Ivanka's shoes are helping make China great again. Well, maybe not anymore... 

dkeller --- 304 days ago -

Hey..we have all made China great again :) 

smartypants --- 304 days ago -

we have all made China great again :)

And Walmart! Maybe Ivanka can sell her line there! For new lower prices! They can put her next to Faded Glory. 

Jpgirl --- 304 days ago -

A question for those who are upset with retailers dropping her line
Do you own any pieces of her line and how many pieces do you own?

I'm looking at this from a business perspective and not an emotional/ political perspective. 

AMDG --- 304 days ago -

Have to say I find it completely inappropriate for Ms Conway to encourage people to buy this stuff.

Call me old - or old fashioned - but that is very close to using the bully pulpit of office for commercial reasons. 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 304 days ago -

Triggered liberals.

"Terrified" Dorothy. 

TinktheSprite --- 304 days ago -

I believe Trump should concentrate on America instead of worrying/Tweeting about Family Business(s). He has a new job now. 

wayward1 --- 304 days ago -

Call me old - or old fashioned - but that is very close to using the bully pulpit of office for commercial reasons.?

You hit it on the nose. It's right there for a violation of a code of federal regulations 5 C.F.R. ? 2635.702

"An employee may not use his public office for his own private gain or for that of persons or organizations with which he is associated personally. An employee's position or title should not be used to coerce; to endorse any product, service or enterprise; or to give the appearance of governmental sanction. An employee may use his official title and stationery only in response to a request for a reference or recommendation for someone he has dealt with in Federal employment or someone he is recommending for Federal employment."

Conway, Trump et al have to realize they aren't outsiders anymore. They ARE the system and as such must use tax dollars appropriately. We just paid for a federal government employee to use her office to promote the private financial dealings of her boss's daughter. Sean Spicer did the same thing on the clock with our funds. 

TinktheSprite --- 304 days ago -


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