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Toys & Candy On The Park Ghost?!?!

who's talking here?

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Summer --- 1 years ago -

Has anyone else ever had a run in with the "On the Park ghost"?? I have shopped there for years without anything like this happening and my family LOVES the atmosphere! I am not a very spooky/superstitious person and I have never experienced anything like this before, but today, in the middle of the floor with nothing within arms distance of me, something pulled my hair! I thought I snagged my bun on something, so I turned around to see what it was and there was NOTHING there! I mentioned it to the staff, and they were like "Oh, yeah..that's the ghost. It is definitely not the weirdest thing to ever happen." Apparently some of the employees have even SEEN this thing! I am curious if there are any of you who have had strange experiences in this store?? 

Markster --- 1 years ago -

I am curious if there are any of you who have had strange experiences

Not in that store.
*Look out Tower at the edge of the Grand Canyon

* Try the Ghost walk in Jefferon, Tx
Lots of paranormal action there.

* Best Western in Tucomcari, NM just off of interstate 40/Rt 66 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 1 years ago -

BWAHAHAHAHAHA................... Ghostbusters!!!! 

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