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Electricity Rates

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Tennismom111 --- 298 days ago -

Has anyone changed new companies to get a lower rate for your light bill. Just shopping now. Any advise would be appreciated. 

TinktheSprite --- 298 days ago -

this is a rough time to be shopping for electricity. All the rates are high. we switched from Bounce to Gexa because even after 7 years with Bounce they were not interested in keeping us and offered 12 point something. Back in May, we got 8or 9 point something at Gexa, depending on usage.

Next time I am going to use an Electricity Power Broker. You pay them a fee and they give you the best rate each month...sort of switching companies each month without penalty, giving you the best rate.

I have one name so far. Not a recommendation, just someone to research.
Texas Power Agents are Local in Kingwood-Chris Coulter

And this: 

Tennismom111 --- 298 days ago -

Thank you for very good advise. 

witchywoman --- 297 days ago -

Check out Griddy. 

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