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Christians & Jews Are Invited

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JimBecka --- 2 years ago -

We are in a special time for both Christians and Jews. I will take you through the feast days Jesus observed. You are welcome to observe them and teach them to your children. I will be going through them in Jewish Roots 101 (Facebook).

The Jewish New Year (Rosh HaSanah) began the sunset of Sept. 10, 2018, and ended Sept. 11, 2018 at sunset.

The Hebrew calendar (With its Babylonian Names from captivity) is a lunar calendar, unlike the Gregorian Calendar which is a solar calendar. The Hebrew Calendar has 10-11 days less than the Solar Calendar.

The Communist Russian government outlawed the Hebrew Calendar, because the Communists felt that Judaism would disappear without its calendar.

The next event (on the Hebrew Calendar is Yom Kippur, on Tuesday Sept. 18, 2018 (sunset) and ends Sept. 19, 2018.

Christians do not generally observe the events on the Jewish Calendar, but their Messiah, Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew) did.

I invite Christians and Jews to come together and observe these day. Please watch the introductory video. Pastor Marcus, one of the people in the video, is my nephew.
Jewish Feast Days 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 2 years ago -

Great idea. I?m for anything that unites people. 

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