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Ivy Point Kingwood is Pre Leasing

who's talking here?

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Ivy Point Kingwood --- 2 years ago -

Ivy Point Kingwood is Kingwoods newest 55+ Active Adult Living.
located at 2302 Ladbrook Drive
Kingwood, Texas 77339

opening early 2019 

Let Logic Prevail --- 2 years ago -

You might want to post some pictures to entice people. 

Ivy Point Kingwood --- 2 years ago -

im new
how do i post photos? 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 2 years ago -

You probably should learn how to capitalize and use punctuation, first. 

DVaz --- 2 years ago -

how do i post photos??

You have to post a direct link to the photo page. It's a real pain. You can't upload your own this site is so outdated. Click on the fourth box (with the shapes) and paste the link in the box that pops up. 

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