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I joined this crazy place on 2008-01-19, 9 years ago.

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Guns don't kill people - 6 hours ago

Deflect? I'm more pro gun than you are...your post was simply generic and devoid of original thought. I find that

HaHaHa - City of Houston Water Dept. - 6 hours ago


Guns don't kill people - 7 hours ago


HaHaHa - City of Houston Water Dept. - 11 hours ago


Definitive list of Trump lies - 11 hours ago

It's always the same...every president gets treated this way by the other side...when it's your guy you're just sensitive to it...

Awsome ad - 14 hours ago


Definitive list of Trump lies - 14 hours ago

It's social conditioning at its finest. Party hacks all have blinders on...very few of us still hope for decorum at that level. It's fascinating from a psychological perspective...the power of su...

Definitive list of Trump lies - 19 hours ago

[i]The complete disregard for facts and truth continues to be amazing.?[/i] The trupmwingers are so focused on the media lying and fake news they don't care if Trump lies. So if the liberals have...

5 depressing facts about Americans and managing money - 21 hours ago

[i]3. Millions of us hide money from our spouses and partners.[/i] You need income the government doesn't know about too...

Definitive list of Trump lies - 1 days ago

I hate to say I told ya so...

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