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I joined this crazy place on 2010-05-14, 6 years ago.

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Build the Wall! - Deport them all! - 5 days ago

They just need to install a string fence 3 feet high, one piece of string. The a mile inside the border do another string fence 3 feet high one piece of string. Then kill anyone caught within those t...

Aaron Hernandez died an innocent man... - 6 days ago

He was not innocent regardless of the appeals process. Bye Felicia

Any recommendations for chalkboard wall artist? - 7 days ago


Any recommendations for chalkboard wall artist? - 7 days ago

or Walmart Pens dont smudge or smear like regular chalk would. It says on better but can be removed.

Any recommendations for chalkboard wall artist? - 7 days ago

OK, but that is just stenciling. You can use a chalk pen for that. Micheal's sells the stencils and the pens. Not giving you a hard time just trying to save you some $$

Fake News - 7 days ago

Fake news has been happening for decades. It didn't start with Trump and won't end when he is dead and buried. Unless we demand that the media be held legally and criminally liable for their lies and...

Any recommendations for chalkboard wall artist? - 8 days ago

Wall artist? All you need is the paint and a brush. Pretty easy to do really.

Only half the patriots went to the WH - 8 days ago

[i]Fuzzball is seriously grasping at straws. The liberal desperation is AWESOME!!!?[/i] needed repeating

Rachel Dolezal being interviewed - 9 days ago

[i] there is a difference between some internal conflict (which basically effects you[/i] Are you suggesting that these people are getting grants, scholarships and government preference as well a...

Rachel Dolezal being interviewed - 10 days ago

[i]She benefited from programs designed to help minorities. [/i] Its her right to receive those benefits if she identifies as a black woman. Why shouldn't she be entitled to every benefit any oth...

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