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It is I WhyWhyWhy

I joined this crazy place on 2010-05-14, 7 years ago.

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O.J. Granted Parole - 21 days ago

[i]Planted what evidence?? The victims blood was on his shoes, in his car, in his foyer, LOL. And the drain in his house. [/i] Blood on his socks, cops took a vial of OJ's blood to the crime sce...

O.J. Granted Parole - 22 days ago

[i]Unless you watched every second of every day of this trial, I don't see how anyone can pronounce guilt or innocence. Only the jury was qualified to do so and they found enough doubt to find him not...

Real Moms In Swimsuits - 27 days ago

Well I think those swimsuits were a couple of sizes too small in the first place. Secondly age, weight and common sense obviously didn't come into play when they were deciding which swimsuits were app...

Trump had second, undisclosed secret meeting with Putin at G20 - 28 days ago

Was this in the mens restroom?

Feminism is leaving a wake of unhappy, unmarried, childless women in it's - 28 days ago

[i]It's about finding the right person to compliment our strengths and weaknesses and vice versa. It's about friendship, companionship, mutual respect and love. It's about growing closer through that ...

Poll: Hillary Clinton Is Less Popular Than Trump - 28 days ago

A presidents job is not to be the most well liked president in history. He needs to do his job. He is trying to do that in spirt of the multiple daily liberal media attacks.

Woodstream - 28 days ago

What guidelines do the mods follow? They set a good example of fairness, kindness, and goodness for the rest of the community. They remove pornography, swearing, bad language, explicit sexual refer...

Feminism is leaving a wake of unhappy, unmarried, childless women in it's - 28 days ago

[i]Was that on a cave man wall? It takes more cojones to recognize the importance of having a man participating in raising children, than it does to ignore your kids...why the low self esteem? Afraid ...

Feminism is leaving a wake of unhappy, unmarried, childless women in it's - 29 days ago

Only feminine men like feminist woman.

GOP Healthcare bill is dead, again - 29 days ago

[i]In walks another name-stealing alt who puts party before country.? [/i] Oh Im not putting any party before country. The ACA was a fail for Americans and the country. Since neither party has d...

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