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It is I WhyWhyWhy

I joined this crazy place on 2010-05-14, 9 years ago.

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Anthony Kennedy retires end of July! - 363 days ago

[i]According to Republicans, a new Justice can't be appointed until the next President is sworn in, so... [/i] Um it is not a presidential election year.

Why is Sarah sanders getting SS protection? - 363 days ago

[i]Because the GOP is whining and crying because they can't eat in any restuarrrrrant they please. Crying like the 2 yr. olds that they are, temper tantrum filled.?[/i] So in your opinion people ...

A Higher Loyalty - 363 days ago

[i]I care about doing the right thing. And I would never be part of something that I believe to be fundamentally wrong.[/i] BAHAHAHAHAHA he's kidding right? This man should leave and go to Cana...

No taking children from parents!!! - 363 days ago

The so called parents can fix this. They can stay in their own country and fight for their rights like our citizens have always done. Why would we want a bunch of people who flee and give up their cou...

Why is Sarah sanders getting SS protection? - 1 years ago

Because liberals are nuts.


[i]Counties don?t have mayors?[/i] True wasn't thinking about city verses county but the City of Houston encompasses most of Harris County and that is what I was referring to. City of Houston is...


[i]I said it b4 Counties are NOT red or blue. States are. Roll your daddy a fatty with those little fingers?[/i] Counties are definitely red or blue. Looks at pathetic blue Harris County that hasn...

Children Crying at Border - 1 years ago

[i]Absolute morons.? [/i] Totally agree, morons and traitors to this country.

No taking children from parents!!! - 1 years ago

Sometimes you're are backed into a corner and must defend yourself and your country. Now is the time.

Kingwood Racism - 1 years ago

Every city, state and country has people that are racist. In the south people that a racist will put a confederate flag in their truck and proudly drive it around. In the north its hidden but still ve...

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