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I joined this crazy place on 2011-09-21, 6 years ago.

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Please don't try to start a fight between me and the other computer eggheads on this forum. We almost all know each other, we don't fight over customers, and we rarely have differences of opinion on technical matters. If two of us give you technical advice on the same thread, we are propping each other and you should heed both of us, not try to turn us on each other...

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Stop in to NWH for an Unforgettable Light Show! - 354 days ago

Apparently mid-October is still too late for me to start work, but the Heise light show is completed and live. I'm not running a mind-numbing loop of filler programming anymore. We're up to 6 fun song...

Christmas Lights Displays - 363 days ago

We're still here, bigger and brighter than ever! I'm still writing my light-o-rama sequences so we won't be lit up full bore for another day or so, but we did get our "Best Block Spirit" participatio...

cable and internet cost - 2 years ago

I was part of a team that installed a whole new thick-coax infrastructure in a 50K sft facility. You just about needed the jaws of life to cut that stuff and a conduit bender to get around a corner! ...

Happy Planet - 2 years ago


cable and internet cost - 2 years ago

Aha. Back then I was mainly juggling thin coax and thick coax networks and explaining to people that you had to have a BNC-tee with resistor caps. I made plenty of pizza and beer money on people wh...

cable and internet cost - 2 years ago

[i]Usually it's people who don't know how to terminate properly that cause Ethernet to fail. The +/- pairs have to be on a twisted pair to work reliably (it's differential signaling where the receiver...

cable and internet cost - 2 years ago

The divide between theory and practice can be quite a chasm, can't it? Anything above about 500 feet and I usually lean hard on using fiber, although I would be forced to question the terminations ...

What are you reading?? - 2 years ago

Just off the press is Vixen Blade by Camille Boucheron. I call it "housewife porn" and it really isn't my style but I may check it out because the author is a friend that I've known since we were both...

cable and internet cost - 2 years ago

Whoa Slider. You're off by a notch on your UTP revisions. Cat3 has a 100Mb/s ceiling and hasn't seen widespread use on anything but thermostats in more than 15 years. Cat5, Cat5E, and Cat6 have ...

Is Slider aka LitlJay? - 2 years ago

Plex works on Roku, many samsung and vizio TV's, Chromcast, Xbox, Chromebook, Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and probably Univac. Pick your poison. It works.

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