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Stop in to NWH for an Unforgettable Light Show!

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LitlJay --- 354 days ago -

Apparently mid-October is still too late for me to start work, but the Heise light show is completed and live. I'm not running a mind-numbing loop of filler programming anymore. We're up to 6 fun songs and an incredible show!

They loop from 6PM to 10PM every night on the Northwest corner of Hidden Pines and Oak Shores in North Woodland Hills. Enter NWH from Northpark on Hidden Pines and the first stop sign is in our yard. Just follow the lights!

We hope to see you stop by!


LitlJay --- 354 days ago -

If you stop by, be sure to roll down a window, get out of the car, or tune your radio to 94.3FM so you can "hear the lights" 

TinktheSprite --- 354 days ago -


SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 354 days ago -

I just came by there! It's fabulous! Good job! 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 354 days ago -

Good job, Liljay! 

LitlJay --- 353 days ago -

Your comments are very kind!

Thank you to everyone for stopping by. We handed out a lot of candy canes! I hope the crowd is as good tonight. We have a limited number of candy canes, but the bag we are handing out smiles from has no bottom. 

TinktheSprite --- 353 days ago -

I kidnapped hubby after grocery shopping and got there before the lights went out. I caught my favorite Christmas Instrumental, Charlie Brown Christmas or whatever it's called. It always reminds me of my childhood. Very cool lights! I caught the beginning of Macho Macho Man (?). That was fun. I wish people would turn off their headlights when they stop to listen and watch. 

LitlJay --- 352 days ago -

Thanks for stopping by! The songs are called "Linus & Lucy" and "Disco Santa"

The others are TSO's Nutrocker, Carol of the Bells, Santa Train, and Amazing Grace Party Mix.

More traffic jams tonight! It makes me so happy to spread so much joy. 

LitlJay --- 351 days ago -

Show extended to 10:30 for Christmas eve!

It will run through new years, so be sure to load up the family and come by, and don't forget to hop out of the car or set your radio to 94.3 to hear the music! 

Butterbean --- 351 days ago -

I stopped by a couple of nights ago. Thanks for your time and effort.

I see it also each time I make a night time trip down Hidden Pines. 

whatchamacallit --- 351 days ago -

So much fun! Saw it tonight and it was just great! You did a super job! 

Joe Blow --- 348 days ago -

How long your lights going to be up for Mr. Overalls? We haven't had a chance to go by yet.

Did everyone enjoy the hayride this year? 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 348 days ago -

don't be so obnoxious, joey- act like a big boy. 

Winning --- 348 days ago -

LULZ.....remember when your decor was removed from the stop sign?!?! Good times. 

Joe Blow --- 348 days ago -

What's obnoxious, Queen Drag? Or is that Drag Queen?


Joe Blow --- 348 days ago -

Isn't LilJay the one in the overalls or am I mixing them up with someone else? Dorothy will know. Did you think that was obnoxious or asking about the hayride? If you're so think skinned Drag you are most definitely on the wrong website.

Winning do you know if there was a hayride this year or not?


AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 348 days ago -

why should I think, skinned? That would hurt! 

Winning --- 348 days ago -

Isn't LilJay the one in the overalls

Yes, that's him. LULZ 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 347 days ago -

I'm curious, what is your power bill like after Christmas? 

Joe Blow --- 347 days ago -

why should I think, skinned? That would hurt!

Thinking would hurt you.


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