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in KW after all these years

I joined this crazy place on 2012-01-10, 6 years ago.

» save in KW after all these years as my FRIEND - HOSER

Have lived in KW for 17 years but still need to find honest repair etc and want to get recommendations and opinions from local people.

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Hins open? - 1 years ago

Yes, look online and the hind menu has several Vietnamese items..I have not tried them but I have seen good reviews.

Medical Marijuana? - 1 years ago

Any word on it becoming legal as far as medical? I have incurable bone cancer and its crazy that I cannot get it legally for pain .

Kingwood HS Repairs - 1 years ago

They have already moved all the khs students to that school 45 min way..summerwood I think..for the year! They won't rush

Does a "HARVEY" Power Failure, NORMALLY cover a broken Fridge, anyone know? - 1 years ago

It will cover food lost if over your deductible..not the fridge though..otherwise we would all get new TVs, sterile, appliances every time the power surges around here even with no flood.

Allergy Eyes, anyone? - 1 years ago

It has been a terrible several months for us for allergy..sinus, runny nose, cough, with the mold issues ugh! We normally take zyrtec in may and June and are fine. Not the s year. Even ...

Hins open? - 1 years ago

We tried Mencius. Very good. More expensive than hins but good quality . we are missing our hins fave sesame chicken

Building/Flooding/Re-building - 1 years ago

If you buy a house in the flood plane you have to buy flood insurance plus regular home insurance. If people choose to do that then shouldn't they have that right? Of course that does not address the ...

Hins open? - 1 years ago

Is hins garden closed due to Harvey? If they are closed does anyone have a favorite Chinese they like in Kingwood?

The New HEB property - 1 years ago

Seems to me we pay lots more taxes but other than that are things better being Houston? Granted the coast guard was here asap when flooding happened but should the flooding have happened at all? It se...

Elm grove subdivision - 1 years ago

We are on Lake Stream Dr too and have power and we are dry thank God. My hubby ventured out and police said we should stay put as it is now. The rite to leave is 59 north, to 99 by new candy to 242 an...

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