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Prolix Raconteur

I joined this crazy place on 2013-07-19, 5 years ago.

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New Kid in town - 17 hours ago

Yeah, But I didn't vote for or support Trump. Who's the D.A. now? JAJAJAJAJAJAJA I like smart people, and people that like smart people. You and Trump, need not apply Says the smart guy...

Heart wrenching story about socialism - Is this the future? - 17 hours ago

Taxation, representation and social programs do not constitute socialism by definition. True socialism includes government ownership of business and total control over the means of production. The US ...

New Kid in town - 21 hours ago also liked Michael Avenatti....HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

PRAYERS for our Beloved Catholic Cathedral in Paris!!!! - 21 hours ago

Txwareagle with logic...oh no!?!?!?

LET's STOP USING every version of hyphenated AMERICAN!!! - 3 days ago

[i]The left are the ones wanting to label everything[/i] It's the core objective of their identity politics. Divide everyone into groups and label them. Hang the victimhood/marginalized moniker on ...

Release the Mueller report - 3 days ago

[i]now why in the world would an innocent person say this? lol Mueller report quotes Trump’s reaction to Russia investigation: 'I'm f***ed'[/i] Only the insipid would infer admission of gui...

Lori Laughlin Rejects Plea Deal/ Pleads Innocent - 4 days ago

And it ain't much HAHAHAHAHA... The ridiculous 8 person panel on CNN today was hilarious. Never seen such a bunch of sad sacks. They even lambasted Barr for saying there was no collusion "too many ...

Release the Mueller report - 4 days ago

All semantics. It is OVER. Trump won. He's still president and will be for 6 more years given the pathetic field of leftists all trying to "out-radical" each other in their echo chamber for the democr...

Lori Laughlin Rejects Plea Deal/ Pleads Innocent - 4 days ago

Yawn..... Oh, a fly is in my peanut butter. Damn Trump!! LOL..

Release the Mueller report - 4 days ago

The really funny part is....Trump is still your president and very likely will be until 2024. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!

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