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Prolix Raconteur

I joined this crazy place on 2013-07-19, 3 years ago.

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Found white schnauzer looking male dog - 1 days ago

What's not to like?! Pretty animal for sure.

Do You Want To Change Your Life? - 1 days ago

and Advocare. I've known people who got in on these things early and stuck with them who did pretty good. You've got to be diligent and it's pretty much a lifestyle. Not my cup of tea but good luck...

Trump is least popular president in history - 1 days ago

You gonna read it to him? Later. Currently perusing a backlog of High Times.

POLL: Once was taboo & now not so much - 1 days ago

Gotta go with Soup on that one. A tattoo that's only a few hours old will show red inflammation on and around it, and have a lumpy surface before it settles down.

Trump is least popular president in history - 1 days ago

Hey! Mark got his issue of the New Yorker in the mail yesterday! How very cosmopolitan.

POLL: Once was taboo & now not so much - 1 days ago

Well, Groot and Rocket the raccoon are quite a departure from getting your kids birthdays and/or names in tattoo form LOL...

All these Airliner Stories - 1 days ago

Air travel today is akin to Greyhound bus travel. It's a total cattle car approach; volume, volume, volume. When I was a kid, people actually got dressed up to fly. Flying was an integral part of ...

Trump will continue obamacare subsidies after failing his promise to repeal - 2 days ago

Butters is very magnanimous today. Talking compromise and win-win on two threads! Maybe we aren't doomed after all.

POLL: Once was taboo & now not so much - 2 days ago

Like tattoos on anybody, the artwork and placement are critical. An artful floral tattoo on a woman can be attractive, for instance, whereas "Baby" or "Precious" written in cursive on your neck is the...

Conservative Crackpot Scott Baio backpedals - 3 days ago

She had a history of drug and alcohol addiction. It was reported she overdosed originally. Can't see how that has anything to do with who he supported in the election.

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