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Prolix Raconteur

I joined this crazy place on 2013-07-19, 5 years ago.

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Wassup, buttercup - 6 days ago


Firefighter Prop B deemed Unconstitutional - 11 days ago

It was voted into policy by COH residents. It never should have gone to the ballot box if there was any chance of it's illegality.

Firefighter Prop B deemed Unconstitutional - 12 days ago

Like the way Turner spun this as a win. "No raises for anybody, but hey! Nobody who was getting fired to pay for those raises is getting fired now". Pffft...

Wassup, buttercup - 12 days ago

Drop in now and again, Soup, to keep them on their toes!

Question of the day.... - 17 days ago

Gotta be honest with them. If you support them unconditionally, you're part of the problem. Starbucks has enough baristas with gender studies degrees and $150,000 in student loan debt already.

Today's Menu: Golfing 5/22/19 - 24 days ago

488 days, 1 hour and 30 minutes of non-stop total TDS!!! HAHAHA. Sounds miserable.

It Looks Like This Place Is Dying - 24 days ago

[i]I try my best to keep it going. I pledge to start one topic per day. I suggest you all try to do the same. [/i] Maybe diverge from starting a "Lets bash Trump" topic for a change.

Today's Menu: Bank Fraud 5/23/19 - 24 days ago

A NY bank CEO loaned Paul Manafort money outside of banking regulations. Wow.

Shadow Forest Elementary - 25 days ago

My kids went to Shadow Forest. They enjoyed it. I don't recall the homework load being particularly excessive. Overall it was a good experience.

How Trump Saved The Economy - 25 days ago

[i]Why do Republicans like yourself want children to starve and drink poisoned water? Why? [/i] And push Granny off the cliff. You forgot that one. Oh Lawdy the drama!?!!

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