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I joined this crazy place on 2015-03-04, 7 years ago.

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Definitive list of Trump lies - 5 years ago

Yup, he's definitely way worse than anything we've had from govt. the last 8 years.

Guns don't kill people - 5 years ago

The train left the station on this debate a long time. Obama was the greatest guns and ammo sales leader of all time. If you are a serious gun control advocate you should both hate obama and be calli...

Shooter-"Are these Republicans or Democrats?" - 5 years ago

It was Tink's fault for posting Medicare plan G.

Comey Source of Leaks - 5 years ago

On to the next "scandal." Trump gets a golden shower from prostitutes at a Russian hotel where the Obamas stayed. Oh wait that already happened...

Comey's Testimony Has Been Released. - 5 years ago

Great, hopefully Congress will now actually do their job. Middle class tax cuts, create a better environment for small business, get back to a private market, basic health insurance solution for indi...

Keep Humble ISD Schools Great: Vote Sitton, Conrad, Cunningham and Dixon - 5 years ago

True, but they can definitely make better decisions to retain and hire high quality mgmt, teachers, and coaches.

GOP submits amendment to exempt themselves and their staff - 5 years ago

Congress should be required to be a member of any health insurance plan that pass.

Woodland Hills Elem - 5 years ago

Noro is highly contagious. I've heard over 100 kids were sent home. Classes are half full and at least 8 teachers are sick as well.

Keep Humble ISD Schools Great: Vote Sitton, Conrad, Cunningham and Dixon - 5 years ago

Kingwood is Houston yet part of Humble ISD. Teachers and coaches have been leaving. If I had kiddos in elementary or middle school I would be moving. It's going to get worse. On a broader point sc...

Trump is least popular president in history - 5 years ago

You're going to love his second term.

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