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Corona Virus Hints - 9 days ago

Hope you are all doing OK during these tough times. Thought I’d pass along a few things we're doing and have found while the Corona Virus is around; Some things we are doing; • staying at home and u...

Looking for someone to do a Brazing Welding repair - 87 days ago

I had Best Auto Repair on Northpark Drive do some work on a difficult material on a critical part. They did good work about three years ago.

Suddenlink internet out in Greentree - 100 days ago

Try writing on bill when internet out and how long. Maybe will get a credit. Worked for me once.

Holidays - 105 days ago

Happy Holidays to all and may your New Year be healthy and flood free

White water Lake Houston - 147 days ago

Thanks TinktheSprite some good info here. Nice to get responses to questions that make sense. Would have been nice to see the river north of the sand mine and if it was white also. Never did hear if ...

White water Lake Houston - 149 days ago

Heard on the new today Nov 9 2019 that water was white coming into Lake Houston. Nothing said on cause or impact on water quality in Kingwood. Anybody know about this. Thanks.

So DONE with Suddenlink... Is there any other option? - 171 days ago

I agree and haven't heard details on any other service. People I know with Dish have been unhappy also. Would be interested in another cable company too.

Kingwood Flooding - 176 days ago

Lots of other good data available like Joe Blow has shown. For example drone footage and analysis of Elm Grove.

Kingwood Flooding - 178 days ago

Thanks Joe Blow, I agree. Good reference.

Kingwood Flooding - 181 days ago

My thoughts after some analysis. 1. Flooding from Harvey different from local flooding. Harvey was 50 inches in 4 days and Lake Houston went to 53 ft level from 42 ft normal. Water seeks own level an...

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