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I joined this crazy place on 2005-07-08, 13 years ago.

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United States of America

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Good Shepherd Pumpkin Patch Vandalism - 1 days ago

So sorry this happened. What is wrong with people?

Canada is now even more free than the USA - 1 days ago

Great, go home!

Elizabeth Warren's DNS test results are out - 3 days ago

[i]Lie Awatha.?[/i] That's even funnier and more accurate than Pocahontas.

Elizabeth Warren's DNS test results are out - 4 days ago

Wow, 1/1024th? Does that even count? Is it enough to be considered Native American or be awarded any sort of special status or consideration in life? What are the chances that most of us are at least ...

Man lists 'used' girlfriend for sale on eBay, is shocked when bids reach $119G - 4 days ago

Can you say disgusting? What a piece of work he is, unless she was in on "the joke", then they both are.

Disgusting Pervert with Pedophilic Tendencies - 5 days ago

WATCH: #HimToo: Neil Patrick Harris Recalls Proposition From Whoopi Goldberg When He Was A Mid-Teen ByHANK BERRIEN October 12, 2018 Conversing on ?The View? with host Whoopi Goldberg, actor N...

Liberal-socialists, please respond... - 5 days ago

When Taylor Swift Comes Out For Democrats, She's Brave, A Role Model; When Kanye West Comes Out For Trump, He's 'Token Negro,' Mentally Ill, 'Uncle Tom' ByJOSEPH CURL @JOSEPHCURL October 11, 2018...

Liberal-socialists, please respond... - 5 days ago

Drapetomania and the True Origins of Racism DAVID RISSELADA ? OCTOBER 14, 2018 The Left is pushing the idea that blacks need government welfare to level the playing field, when in fact it is thi...


No matter how you twist it, it reads the way it reads, at least to those that can read. Quit scrambling, it will do you no good.

Cruz up in polls.......... - 6 days ago

Whether or not a politician is pro-pot legalization is not important unless you are a pot head and who the hell cares what they think or what they want? Other potheads!! After all it does effect your ...

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