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Why did we not pick our own cotton? - 2 days ago

Seems more like the original "faux" poster trying to stir the pot with stereotypes. Sort of like is done when people talk about white slave owners, as if they are or were the only ones.

I love President Trump - 3 days ago

Anyone who can drive liberals that crazy must be doing something right and is ok by me.

Presentation: Flooding and Floodplains in the Houston Area: Past, Present, and Future - 4 days ago

No, just anyone besides him. That's all that matters is if the money is coming out of anyone else pocket than his. Someone, anyone else, needs to pay!!!

the smartest people vote democratic! - 4 days ago

lol...guess you don't like a thriving economy and the lowest unemployment numbers in MANY years.

Why did we not pick our own cotton? - 4 days ago

[img][/img] OR them?

Why did we not pick our own cotton? - 4 days ago


Why did we not pick our own cotton? - 4 days ago

[img][/img] Who, us?

Did you document at work or do you now document at work? - 8 days ago

This is a crappy situation. Back in the dark ages when I worked in an office environment, my direct boss made it a habit of taking credit for my work and for any ideas or solutions I came up with to i...

Drug and alcohol addiction in Kingwood - 8 days ago

If parents sit around half crocked all the time, gotta have a drink as soon as they get home from work and promote drinking as a pass time you will have underage drinking and alcoholism in young peopl...

an 11 year old was caught shoplifting, and was tasered. - 10 days ago

Sad that this had to happen to the little girl but even sadder than that is that there is any doubt in her mother's mind that she deserved to be punished for stealing. It did not cause any permanent p...

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