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I joined this crazy place on 2006-08-24, 15 years ago.

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Loving life in the Livable Forest since 2006. My profile name just means that my name starts with J and I'm a Dad. I never thought about it meaning something else and don't want to change it.

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I care about Kingwood - 1 years ago

This COVID-19 virus is going to hurt our neighbors, our economy and our Nation. I just got off a call that noted that 40% of the people in the ICU from COVID infections in the US are ages 20-54. 60%...

Gunshots @ mulberry grove - 3 years ago

Since this post it was reported in the news that Stephanie Annette Brock had a baby while high and sitting on the toilet at 5218 Mulberry Grove on March 1, 2018. Multiple police visits have been made...

Disappointed in my friends - 3 years ago

Two of my 40 something male friends are cheating on their wives and at least one of them seems to be committed to leaving his wife. Kids are involved. As a 40 something male I know life can get hard...

Fireworks at town center? - 4 years ago

They did them tonight from the golf course and NO one could see them. Biggest Fourth of July disappointment in my Kingwood history. Just a terrible screw up or terrible interference by someone. Tho...

Fireworks at town center? - 4 years ago

This is awful. They placed them where no one can see!!!!!!!

Fireworks at town center? - 4 years ago

Here I sit all broken hearted. Came to see fireworks and someone only farted.

Skittles - 5 years ago

I don't care much about the Skittles reference but I do hate to see that he used the photo without permission from the photographer. That is the same as stealing a craft from any craftsman and is way...

Trashed Car at Sand Creek Village Park - 5 years ago

Looks like it is gone now. That answers one of my three questions, and believe it or not I [u]will[/u] be able to go on about my daily business without worrying about it again. Thanks

Trashed Car at Sand Creek Village Park - 5 years ago

Obviously this one was personal with a derogatory name painted on the front windshield, tires flattened... completely trashed late model Camry. I would just like to know 1) Did the police figure out ...

Gunshots @ mulberry grove - 5 years ago

[i]This is not the first incident of a shooting at this house. The police are very familiar with this address. There's always drama going on.?[/i] I'm just finding out about this incident and the h...

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