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MiaBella Farm

I joined this crazy place on 2009-07-21, 12 years ago.

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Beekeeper, homemaker, farmer

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Moving Help Needed - 1-2 hours - 5 years ago

[i]Have you tried posting on - I think I read a while back that someone's teenage sons were looking for odd jobs. Or like someone suggested do any neighbors have teenagers that could help...

New Tea vendor at Kingwood market - 6 years ago

Is it organic? Do they have a Honey vendor?

iPad Mini Screen Repair? - 6 years ago

Does anyone have a reference for someone who repairs a cracked screen on an iPad Mini? Reasonable prices please!

Senior Citizen Question - 6 years ago

More Great suggestions, thanks, I'll have her look into the Lonestar College idea. As far as friends she used to know...they would all be out of state. Only people she knows here are my in-laws. W...

what's your opinion of those actors boycotting the Oscars? - 6 years ago

Don't care, don't watch it...

Dosey Doe - 6 years ago

Where is this place?

Senior Citizen Question - 6 years ago

My husband's aunt is 69 years old. She lost her husband a little over a year ago and says she is lonely. My mother-in-law tries to keep her busy, they go go Bingo at The Friendship Center and toda...

Fresh eggs? - 6 years ago

In New Caney off of FM 1485 East.

Fresh eggs? - 6 years ago

Anyone interested in getting some Farm Fresh Eggs? I have 18 hens and get about a dozen eggs a day! Hens roam free on my 22 acre farm all day and are secured at night from predators. They are $...

Our New Website - 6 years ago

I have received some great reviews, thank you all for is very helpful to have another pair of eyes (or 100) to see things that I may have missed!

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