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Senior Citizen Question

who's talking here?

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MiaBella Farm --- 6 years ago -

My husband's aunt is 69 years old. She lost her husband a little over a year ago and says she is lonely.

My mother-in-law tries to keep her busy, they go go Bingo at The Friendship Center and today I took the two of them out to Montgomery for a girl's day of lunch and wine tasting. She had a great time but expressed to me that she is lonely and would like to meet someone to have dinner with or go on a movie date...a companion.

Any ideas? 

Cookin' Queen --- 6 years ago -

Have her join Hi Neighbor Kingwood social group with over 400 ladies. There is a monthly luncheon on second Wed of the month. Then she can sign up for smaller social groups ie bunko, bridge, travel, gambling, book clubs, wine, out to lunch, etc etc.

Also KARW if she is a Republican lady. There is a monthly luncheon 4 th Wed of the month.

Will send you a pm with more info. 

Butterbean --- 6 years ago -

She has options. She can join a group, become a volunteer, help someone less fortunate.

Out of that is guaranteed to come a better life. Maybe all those wantos will become I haves. 

TXbluebird --- 6 years ago -

She should look into moving into a senior independent apartment community where they have dinner together everyday and lots of activities. 

Annie's Mom --- 6 years ago -

Lonestar College has a great Senior program. $20 a year membership as I understand it. 

TinktheSprite --- 6 years ago -

Ditto on the Lone Star Academy for Lifelong learning for those 50 and older. You get to meet a lot of people with your same interests. There are literally hundreds of classes both one day, to many week courses of all types: History, knitting, tours of Houston, Movies, music, discussion topics, sports, and so on. Very affordable. Very social. 

Butterbean --- 6 years ago -

Ditto on the Lone Star Academy for Lifelong learning for those 50 and older.

Ditto from me also. 

Butterbean --- 6 years ago -

Read somewhere:

A counselor had been listening to his patient lament about his lack of friends for a long time, many sessions.

Finally, the counselor declared to the patient that there really were no friends in the entire world.

Friends are something that you make. 

TinktheSprite --- 6 years ago -

^^Well that is very true. How about Auntie looking up some old friends. In this day and age of technology that shouldn't be hard. If they are alive, that is. 

Gigix4 --- 6 years ago -

I made a couple of really good friends over the last several years, mostly neighbors (like me, mostly without a spouse). We have a "Golden Girls" meeting every Monday at Los Cucos and have a GREAT time with happy hour going non-stop! Ritas are only $1.99 and we usually get something to eat while there along with the drinks.

They haven't asked us to leave Los Cucos yet but you can bet, we have a good time! The bartender already knows what each of us will be drinking and brings it to us as soon as we are seated. Kinda' like Norm coming into the Cheers bar. LOL 

MiaBella Farm --- 6 years ago -

More Great suggestions, thanks, I'll have her look into the Lonestar College idea.

As far as friends she used to know...they would all be out of state. Only people she knows here are my in-laws. When her hubby was alive, he was ill most of the time so they did not get out much unless they were going to my MIL's house.

My MIL says that Aunt Sandra does not KNOW she is OLD...I say you are only as old as you feel and apparently she is feeling pretty young! 

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