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Cookin' Queen

I joined this crazy place on 2008-05-25, 14 years ago.

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Always happy in the kitchen. Plan to write a cookbook soon. Care for my 90 year old mom and she only eats my food.

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Senior Citizen Question - 6 years ago

Have her join Hi Neighbor Kingwood social group with over 400 ladies. There is a monthly luncheon on second Wed of the month. Then she can sign up for smaller social groups ie bunko, bridge, travel,...

Has anyone watched 13 hours yet? - 6 years ago

Never watch violent movies but I was able to watch this one. Very good! But at times I had to close my eyes or stick my head in my large leather bag and send a few texts when it was too violent. Af...

$1 million cannot save Dan Huberty - 6 years ago

I attended a Huberty State of the State speech function several months ago after this video appeared. It was taken in May and they tried to get it to appear on the news and in the paper but those org...

Pool Heater replacement - vendor recommendation - 6 years ago

Hey Grand...the fixit guy was a qualified pool contractor / installer...thus the $80 an hour price. My house fixit guy charges $20 an hour so there is the difference! And it was done years ago and e...

Pool Heater replacement - vendor recommendation - 6 years ago

Several years ago I replaced all of my large inground spa equipment. Ordered it on line from The small size pool heater was about 30% less than I could find here at a store. ...

Hit and Run - 6 years ago

My cocker spaniel killed a squirrel yesterday. After 2 days setting at the base of a large tree where a squirrel was taunting her I guess she caught it! Usually I do a mouth check before she comes i...

Thanks HOA - 7 years ago

Slider...DO NOT USE WEED & FEED! Over time it will kill any trees...even if they are 20 feet away from the lawn! Go to Randy Lemmon's / Gardenline website and get info on what to use. I listen to h...

Property Tax Protest Appt- How did it go? - 7 years ago

My appointment is tomorrow! Did a spread sheet of all the homes on my street and will be asking to have mine lowered to the average appraisal value of the block. Mine is the highest now. Hope that ...

Question about canvas umbrella for poolside - 7 years ago

First one bleached out in a was a cheap one. Then I spent more at Chair King and it never faded and lasted at least 12 years. Finally the cord broke inside so I replaced it again from Chai...

Cost of a new roof - 7 years ago

My house is 2350 sq ft on the first floor. Nine years ago my roof was a little over $000. This guy's price are very reasonable. My neighbor had a new roof and it was $14,000 so I called my guy and ...

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