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Alter --- 6 years ago -

There is a dead squirrel by Kingwood Drive @ Woodland Hills.

Kingwood is home to 23,657 named squirrels. Join me at Starbucks tomorrow to start a new movement. We are raising money to microchip them to prevent abuse.

Squirrels have feelings.

-Alter Cocker 

Cookin' Queen --- 6 years ago -

My cocker spaniel killed a squirrel yesterday. After 2 days setting at the base of a large tree where a squirrel was taunting her I guess she caught it! Usually I do a mouth check before she comes into the house but I forgot yesterday. Walked by the bedroom where she hangs out with her toys which look like squirrels and she has removed all the fluffy inside stuffing I noticed she was sitting there holding what looked like one of her unstuffed toys. WRONG! She had a dead squirrel in her mouth and was sooo proud! Later that day she brought me a dead salamander!

One less squirrel to microchip! 

TinktheSprite --- 6 years ago -

My Cocker gave a squirrel a heart attack. He just wanted to play with him, trapped him up against the tree. The squirrel stopped, then just keeled over. The look on my dog's face! hahahahaa 

Its Mygirl01 --- 6 years ago -

My Rhodesian Ridgeback was an expert squirrel assassin! Thankfully my Mastiff isn't fast enough to catch them! 

Valentine --- 6 years ago -

When we had squirrels giving us trouble (eating up the house and trash) my neighbor would trap them, spray paint their tail blue and release them on the other side of the lake- the paint was so he'd know if one made it back! Ha! 

witchywoman --- 6 years ago -

Wow. They're living things, people. 

FANCY PANTS --- 6 years ago -

Kingwood is home to 23,657 named squirrels.

Yes, and when they chew on my house they are all named butt head. I do think they are cute but all they are is a glorified rat. 

Jake from State Farm --- 6 years ago -

I shoot everyone (squirrel) that runs across my lawn 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

That's mean Jake, and somehow I do not think this is true. 

RedMulch --- 6 years ago -


RedMulch --- 6 years ago -

but all they are is a glorified rat.

and a lobster is an ocean bound cockroach. just sayin 

Alter --- 6 years ago -

Where do the squirrels go when it rains? 

RoseSr --- 6 years ago -

We took down an old rotting tree trunk and as it fell, squirrels scattered out of it. I saw one running across the drive with its cheeks full. I looked closer and she was carrying babies to the neighbor's yard. She had had enough of us. 

Alter --- 6 years ago -

Awww. Poor babies. Hope they are staying full and dry. 

kingwood resident --- 6 years ago -

Tree rats uggg. 

Barnstormer --- 6 years ago -

I hear they taste like chicken 

FANCY PANTS --- 6 years ago -

When the rain calms down I see them come down from the trees to eat from the bird feeder. Of course the bird feeder is squirrel proof but they still try. I also see a few up on the jungle gym trying to stay dry. 

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