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Question about canvas umbrella for poolside

who's talking here?

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Leila --- 7 years ago -

I am thinking of buying some portable canvas umbrellas in stands to put around the deck.

For those of you that have them, how well does the canvas hold up?

I am a little concerned that they will fall over easily, even though the metal stands are heavy.

I assume everyone stores them in the winter, correct? 

mispissy --- 7 years ago -

We replace ours every year. The sun really fades them and they look pretty bad by the end of the season. You could take them down when you aren't using them and store them in the shade to make them last longer. 

Cookin' Queen --- 7 years ago -

First one bleached out in a was a cheap one. Then I spent more at Chair King and it never faded and lasted at least 12 years. Finally the cord broke inside so I replaced it again from Chair King 3 years. Never close it and it still looks brand new! 

Leila --- 7 years ago -

Great tips, thanks! 

K.T. --- 7 years ago -

Sunbrella fabric is the only way to go. They last for years. 

ACHS --- 7 years ago -

We purchased 3 from garden ridge this summer. Next summer I'll buy higher end one that wi last longer than one season 

birdfeeder --- 7 years ago -

We purchased an 11' one from Chair King about 5 years ago. The cost was around $400. It still looks and operates great and I wouldn't be surprised if it lasts another 5 years. I know the price for things at Chair King seems high, but they do sell quality stuff. I purchased a little Bistro set from Lowes. Within 3 months it was leaving rust stains on my patio.
I'm a firm believer in Chair King 

WatchOut --- 7 years ago -

There are never any cars at Chair King. We wonder how they stay open. I've heard they're just a front to launder money. I'm glad to hear you all are customers. 

AngieKaye --- 7 years ago -

putting them near the pool will bleach them out faster with the chlorine in the pool. I have bought my last two from Randalls when they went on sale. Both lasted a good long time til mary poppins came over and tested them out. She kept crashing into the oak tree! 

Rubicon --- 7 years ago -

I guess the prices are justified then at Chair King. Good to know, birdfeeder. 

K.T. --- 7 years ago -

Purchased our umbrella at Chair King also.
People actually do buy their furniture from there, lol! 

*LOL* --- 7 years ago -

Lots of good feedback here.

Based on these suggestions, I went to Chair King and bought an umbrella and stand, dining set and an sofa and chair set.

They are having a pretty big labor day sale so even though I spent quite a bit, everything I bought was on sale. If it lasts longer than the cheaper stuff I will consider it money well spent.

Now if it would just cool down by Labor Day so I could actually enjoy being outside! 

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