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I joined this crazy place on 2010-01-01, 12 years ago.

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Looking for Sherry the groomer.

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Painting color specialist - 6 years ago

Would be interested in a painting designer specialist who can help me pick out paint colors for the interior of my home. It is an open floor plan, and would love for all the colors to coordinate. An...

Possible Alert? - 7 years ago

Will be curious to the correct answer. I heard water lines were being flushed, we had brown water for awhile coming out of the tap and in the commode. Why the sewer smell, I don't know. It happened...

Possible Alert? - 7 years ago

They are flushing the water lines in Trailwood. They aren't dumping toxins down the sewer, just water. Maybe all the excess water caused a bit of a "back wash" effect?

Suddenlink - 7 years ago

Mozilla Thunderbird is our e-mail program Mammadog53.

Suddenlink - 7 years ago

Suddenlink email is down. Was told my a tech that we need to change our settings in Thunderbird email. They are aware that Kingwood is having issues.

Petroleum gas odor - 7 years ago

Anyone in the Kingwood Lakes, Trailwood area experiencing a petroleum gas odor outside? Not the rotten egg smell of natural gas.

dog grooming - 7 years ago

Hi: I ran into Allison a few weeks back. She is at home now helping take care of her parents, but I believe she would like to return to work, depending on her parents situation. Allison always di...

Kingwood Arts and Crafts Festival - 7 years ago

It looks like it will be a beautiful day too for the festival!!!

Foot Masks! - 7 years ago

Tat: What is the name of the product? Website? I heard Kathie Lee talk about it also! Didn't have time to write it down. Thanks.

Kingwood Arts and Crafts Festival - 7 years ago

This Saturday, March 28th, there will be a Kingwood Arts and Crafts Festival in Town Center from 11 until 2!

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