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Has anyone watched 13 hours yet?

who's talking here?

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DatBoyHooD --- 6 years ago -

Amazing movie and sad that help was so close yet they were told not to go. Don't want to ruin the movie for anyone that hasn't had.a chance to watch it. Worth the movie ticket 

Prolix Raconteur --- 6 years ago -

My in-laws saw it and said it was good. 

sheddy --- 6 years ago -

My husband and I saw it last weekend. It is long. If it really happened they way it was filmed, then someone should be having to pay for the lack of support they got. 

a889324uu --- 6 years ago -

What's sad is that you think a Michael Bay film is non-fiction. 

Prolix Raconteur --- 6 years ago -

What's sad is that you think a Michael Bay film is non-fiction.

So the actual soldiers/commandos who the film is based on all got together and made up a lie and perpetuated it in various media? What would be the incentive to do that? In numerous interviews they all claim the films account is accurate. 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 6 years ago -

It was a Youtube video.

Gotta keep defending that narrative/lie. 

them --- 6 years ago -


DatBoyHooD --- 6 years ago -

What's sad is that you think a Michael Bay film is non-fiction.

How accurate are Michael Moore "documentaries

As prolix said the soldiers on the ground said it's accurate, are you saying our servicemen are liars 

Cookin' Queen --- 6 years ago -

Never watch violent movies but I was able to watch this one. Very good! But at times I had to close my eyes or stick my head in my large leather bag and send a few texts when it was too violent. After it ended everyone applauded and then asked if anyone was going to vote for Hillary now! 

sheddy --- 6 years ago -

I have seen the guys represented in the movie several times on tv, before and after I saw the movie. They all said the movie is based on their experiences. 

gunsnroses --- 6 years ago -

Can't wait to see it. It shows what a corrupt Administration we have with Obama and Killary. 

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