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Cost of a new roof

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Big D --- 7 years ago -

I am a first time home owner and now have to buy a new roof. I know I can call roofers to get an estimate but I'm not ready to deal with them yet. Right now I just want to start setting aside money for it so I can start getting bids maybe a year from now.

What can I expect to pay for a new roof on a 3200 sq ft house. It's a two story with a steep roof. 

Eclipse --- 7 years ago -

A couple of years ago I replaced my roof and it cost in the neighborhood of $12k.

We, too, have a two story house with steep angles and it's approximately 2400 sq. ft. 

ToidBoid --- 7 years ago -

2500 sq. foot one story - $11,500 (included new decking) 

FANCY PANTS --- 7 years ago -

You need to have it checked for hail damage. If it has hail damage your insurance will pay for a new roof.

For your house I would say it will run around $15,000 with new decking. 

Cookin' Queen --- 7 years ago -

My house is 2350 sq ft on the first floor. Nine years ago my roof was a little over $000. This guy's price are very reasonable. My neighbor had a new roof and it was $14,000 so I called my guy and he said my roof replacement would now be $6,000 due to cost increases. Now he basically does replacements for insurance companies since his prices are great. His name is Jan and number is 281-236-2067. He has been doing this for well over 30 years. 

RedMulch --- 7 years ago -

Call Genisis roofing. They did mine a little less than a month ago. Fair price and a good job. 

Big D --- 7 years ago -

You need to have it checked for hail damage. If it has hail damage your insurance will pay for a new roof.

I have to pay my full deductible first, yes? 

Slider152 --- 7 years ago -

I negotiated a decent deal with Wesco Roofing. In mid-2013, I had them do a High Definition 50yr roof on my 2,500 sqft 2-story house. Plus, I had them replace some (not all) of my siding and put solar screens on all of my windows. All of this combined was done for a LOT less than the prices I'm seeing on this thread. I promised them I wouldn't reveal the price, but give them a call and ask for Art.
Oh... and get at least 3 quotes, and tell each company that they will be bidding against others. 

Butterbean --- 7 years ago -

Ron Potok Roofing.

There are a few threads about roofing. Do a search. 

Butterbean --- 7 years ago -


Johnny Slam --- 7 years ago -

Never, ever pay them up front. They will disappear. If they are legit, they will do the job and bill you. I have several friends who paid up front and the contractor disappeared. Believe me, even if you win in court, you will never collect. Also, my last contractor sub-contracted it out to some drunks. It almost never got done. Plus who do you sue if something goes wrong? Pay the extra money and get a reputable company, you can google them and see if they are legit. Bottom line is, if they are scumbags you will lose your money. And homeowners association dont care about that, they just want it fixed. 

whatchamacallit --- 7 years ago -

Big D --- 1 hours ago - quote - hide comments
You need to have it checked for hail damage. If it has hail damage your insurance will pay for a new roof.

I have to pay my full deductible first, yes??

Yes, but that most certainly will be less than any of the prices quoted here! 

FabFive --- 7 years ago -

Negotiate your deductible with the roofer. For instance if the ins company says you owe $5000 tell the roofer you'll pay $2500. 

Eclipse --- 7 years ago -

Negotiate your deductible with the roofer

That's what we did and in the end, we did not have any out-of-pocket cost (i.e. deductible). 

Kingwood Pressure Washing --- 7 years ago -

Do you have leaks? Many time you can clean your roof and it will last another decade. Possibly even longer if you keep it clean. 

stayinalive --- 7 years ago -

$17,000 for 2500 + sq. ft. home. Insurance paid due to hail damage. I wish I had thought to negotiate deductible which we paid. 

Tylers Journey --- 7 years ago -

Talk to your HOA before doing anything. The neighbor did a new roof after Ike and HOA made them put a new one on last year because it wasn't I think it is called a 3D roof.

Ours roof was almost 10,00. 

The Sicilian --- 7 years ago -

Watch whoever you use...
On our old house we paid for roof to include new decking where needed and new felt (think that's what it's called, big black rolls).
I took a day off to watch them, roofers never replaced the felt! Called main office on breach of contract and next day new roofers showed up with all new materials and replaced complete roof again!

I'm glad I was there to photograph and observe. 

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