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Republican Defining Choice - you can stand for the Republic or you can stand for the President - 268 days ago

Just leave the entire right

We don't have to believe - all we have to do is watch what happens - 328 days ago


LMFAO Libs have no original ideas - 328 days ago


Obama Spying Bombshell - 328 days ago


We don't have to believe - all we have to do is watch what happens - 328 days ago

You said; You are even worse than I thought. Are you a muslim supporting the extremist? Not in the least, unlike you supporting the same from the GOP, they just don't use swords. They choose no jo...

Americans FIGHT BACK After ?Muslim Police Force? Tries To Take Over Their U.S. Town - 328 days ago

ONE guy is all of a sudden a Muslim Police FORCE? Not like you are misrepresenting the actions of a single person or anything. Cripes you can really blow a mole hill into a mountain. Here is some d...

We don't have to believe - all we have to do is watch what happens - 328 days ago

The extremists are not evil. They are just greedy. Greedy for power and control. Using their religion to accomplish those goals. Not much different than the GOP and their current tear against the down...

Wacko Portland Liberals eat their own - - 329 days ago

Actually they stole the process from the people. They would not be able to open that truck before they stole that. So how can you say it is ok to steal that? If you steal a speech and give it as your ...

Obama Spying Bombshell - 329 days ago

Well, not all Americans are in the nsa database. Also it was determined that if a search returned information outside the initial parameters, that was a violation. So if you searched for Bob Trudue, a...

Thought mass shootings didn't happen in Canada? - 1 years ago

Just shows how the lax gun control in the USA affect others. Just get rid of them, why would you need them anyway? Oh, let me guess, some lame excuse about the government! Might be true with dillro...

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