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The Donald - 8 days ago

So those who think the Donald is good guy, try searching his tweeter feed. Might i suggest key words such as; Loser Sad Feminist Just to get you started

Obama continues with his policies that have kept immigration down - 8 days ago

[i]Should we let Cuban's gain automatic asylum if they reach our shores??[/i] We should allow anyone that need asylum. How can we be the best country if we turn the needy away? That's just cold hea...

MSNBC Implodes over Trump press conference. - 8 days ago

Well, of he stays attached to his businesses, than it would seem he could (and probably will) use the office to further his wealth. He says he won't, but he is not in the least trustworthy.

Barack Obama: The only two term president that... - 8 days ago

Trump will cut a lot of current finding, there are rumors even the military will be hit, which is good. If only he would increase taxes on those rich people, and make the playing field more level for...

Obama continues with his policies that have kept immigration down - 8 days ago

He is trying to be friendly with Cuba. So much better than Bush's attack then with the military. President Obama as done such great things, and brought out country so far in the world, it's been amazi...

Trump scares ford 700 jobs stay - 18 days ago

Ford said blow hard had nothing to do with the decision, yet he is taking credit you notice.

Trump spars with N. Korea over Twitter? WTF - 18 days ago

Nuclear war, here we come

Obama is doing his best to cause the Trump administration big problems. - 18 days ago

How long before America is bankrupt under pig headed Trump? And he says he wants to undo all the good that was done the last 8 years. Compared to the wars from the 8 before that, president Obama is ...

Trump's 100 Day Plan..And It Is Awesome - 18 days ago

Trump will have a very rude awakening come the 23rd

Fact Checking of Trumpty Dumpty and his huge FAIL - 211 days ago

[url=]No Trump[/url] [img][/img]

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