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what angers you the most? - 67 days ago

Tea Party followers [img][/img]

Drudgereport says... - 90 days ago

That's good. At least a lot more people will be able afford healthcare now. I know of a few that are now caring healthcare that didn't before because they could not afford it. Now with the affordable...

The GOP Big Tent - 103 days ago


2009 vs. today - 209 days ago

Things are just starting to get good. [img][/img]

Question - 209 days ago

Two people that are friends have them (both hardwood floors if that is any issue) and love them.

Tea Party Confusion - 283 days ago


Carnival Cruz - 283 days ago

Cruz: 'The Dream of Keeping Poor People from Seeing a Doctor Must Never Die' [url=

I need for a rational, liberal, Obama loving Democrat to answer this question - 283 days ago

We have created a petition to get Congress to focus on creating a Constitutional Amendment to prevent Big Money - from any source, left or right - from influencing the course of politics and suspend d...

Shots fired at a Navy Yard in DC - 313 days ago

So once again we are going down the road of multi-people killed with a firearm. This time a SHOTGUN. Just shows ALL types of guns should be banned for private ownership. No one there stopped him wi...

GOP Donations - 1 years ago

Wealthy contributors to Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign are deeply frustrated after giving away six and seven figure donations for nothing last year. Most super PACS coffers are empty today, cause conserv...

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