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I joined this crazy place on 2011-07-10, 4 years ago.

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ikaw ay isang natalo

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Bald Face Lies - 310 days ago


Bald Face Lies - 310 days ago


Hillary Takes Muslim Name - 328 days ago

That does sound a tad sexist.

Perry for Prez - 328 days ago


Ken Ham to Prove Dinosaur Bones Are Only 1,000's Of Yrs Old - 356 days ago

You know, I hae read the Bible more than once, I always like the part in the Old Testament where they ride the dinosaurs. Actually, I found a picture of Eve on one. [img]http://donglutsdinosaurs.c...

Obama's recovery vs Reagan's recovery........... LOL - 362 days ago

There has been far more hiring under Obama than under Bush. But gains in workers' paychecks are very limited, with median income basically stalling out during Obama's tenure. [img]http://i2.cdn.tur...

Democrats List of Presidential Candidates - 362 days ago

If you agree and it states the truth correctly, what's the problem. At least it is better than some of the rants that have no real basis in reality and no facts to back them up.

Get Ready For Operation Jade Helm 15 in Texas - 362 days ago

Maybe it is the government trying to flush out all the crazies so they can add them to their "black list". Or maybe they are prepping Texas for an alien landing. Their mother ships are pretty big, it...

Hillary not Carly!!! - 362 days ago

I think the right should put Michele Bachmann in there. lol

UN scientists warn time is running out to tackle global warming - 362 days ago

Being proactive on something like the green house gasses in our atmosphere is really required. If we get to a saturation point, and then something like a volcano goes off to tip the scales, then what?...

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