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I joined this crazy place on 2011-07-10, 5 years ago.

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Fact Checking of Trumpty Dumpty and his huge FAIL - 164 days ago

[url=]No Trump[/url] [img][/img]

Contact Paul Ryan about House Inaction on Gun Control - 164 days ago

Thank you, I did, it is such a travesty that we have live in fear of millions of people around us freaking out and killing us any moment. Yes most it may not happen with, but you just never know which...

It's Hillary!! - 180 days ago

[i]Compared to the I do what Wall Street wants me to do candidate?[/i] Trump? The extremist right says that, so Hillary takes donations, Trump will also shortly.

Trump bribed officials in Florida and Texas - 180 days ago

[i]The FBI and now even the State Dept are extreme right wingers? Who knew??[/i] They haven't arrested her now have they? So they are throwing out some slap on the wrist for the public, but she did...

It's Hillary!! - 180 days ago

Well Bernie would have been better, but at least there is someone good running, unlike the other ticket with their running at mouth, I do what I want to do, look at me candidate.

Trump bribed officials in Florida and Texas - 180 days ago

So far anything the extreme right wingers have thrown at Hillary, has not stuck. Just no basis. False accusations is all, right up there with Birthers and the like. The news media has always covered i...

Historic Hillary - 180 days ago

Well President To Be Hillary has come out with ending the death penalty. Since states can not responsibly convict and then murder them, it's about time. +1 Hillary Hillary would end the abuse of th...

This sums up the 2016 nominees - 197 days ago

We need Bernie.

Bald Face Lies - 1 years ago


Bald Face Lies - 1 years ago


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